What’s new in Magento Pricing 2023 Huong Vu October 14, 2023

What’s new in Magento Pricing 2023

What's new in Magento Pricing 2023

Magento enables eCommerce retail businesses to sell their products to various customers without the requirements for setting up offline stores. If you are a newbie to this platform, read this post about Magento pricing that should help your business establishment there. 

Web hosting

Both versions of Magento (i.e., Magento Commerce & Magento Open Source) do not offer hosting services. That is why you will need to incur Web Hosting fees with these two. Before you select a hosting service, see to it that its features work well with Magento. A good option is Virtual Private Server Hosting Service which costs about $10-850/ month.

Domain name cost added to your Magento pricing

This platform would assign a default domain to your storefront. Yet, there is a chance that you desire to have a more customized URL to make your brand top of mind. To do so, you may choose a “.com” Domain Name. As far as the cost for a new custom name for the domain goes, you may spend about $10-20 annually, based on the reliability and availability.

Please keep in mind that the domain name helps with improved brand value, so you are recommended to invest enough effort and time doing some digging and putting forward a brandable name. After deciding your store’s best name, you may buy it through 3rd-party websites.

Security certificate costs added to your Magento pricing

The Secure Sockets Layer certificate makes sure your site’s hosting is safe. It does a great job of encrypting the sensitive data that moves between the checkout system and your shoppers. You may spend from $50 to $600 annually, based on the use case. Else, consider free Secure Sockets Layer certification from several Web Hosting Plans.

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Magento themes

Making your online store look appealing is an important step toward growing your brand profitably. So, build an interface that is intuitive and visually attractive. 

What is great is that Magento has nicely designed themes for your site customization needs. There are many options to pick from, from paid to free. You may spend from $17 to $399 for the paid options.

Magento extensions

Magento extensions give your store more capabilities like delivery, promotion, and analytics to empower your success. When it comes to Magento pricing in this regard, the platform provides you with various 3rd-party extensions (free ones included). The paid options cost from less than $30 up to $90.

Store maintenance

Any store on this platform needs some fast fixes, optimization, and added features. You can do so by hiring a Magento developer who pays from $60 to $150 hourly.

In conclusion, above are a couple of main aspects that are more likely to determine your Magento pricing. Consider them and you will have a less difficult time calculating the total costs for running your online store. For more relevant information and help, please do not hesitate to reach out to us right now. We are more than glad to support you in being ahead of the game. 

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