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What You Should Know To Create Custom Products In POS

Create Custom Products In POS

A Point of Sale (POS) system is a useful tool for retail businesses nowadays to support their transactions. Indeed, the global POS market is projected to grow exponentially in the upcoming years to $42.5 billion by 2027. Although the system is dynamic in terms of functionality, it does not always fit every purpose. This is why customization options are crucial, one of which is a custom product. Knowing this demand, we will go through everything you need to know to create custom products in POS.

What are custom products in POS?

During the checkout process, the products that customers want to buy sometimes do not fall into any existing item in the POS system. It can be due to the price changes or that product has not been entered into the system yet. However, the transaction is required to take place at that moment when customers are waiting for the cashier. As a store owner, you do not want to let your customers get impatient while the transaction information cannot be put in your POS system.

Situations like this need the custom product in POS. Custom products are the newly created items that do not fit into any product in the POS system. With the POS system, users can customize their titles or prices before adding the custom products to cart. This type of customization makes the checkout process happen more smoothly. It takes into consideration the fact that items can be unique.

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When do you need to use custom products?

There can be various scenarios in which staff members need to create custom products. Here are the 3 most common ones:

Products are not included in the POS

It is reasonable that sometimes the products have not yet been added to the POS system. There can be many reasons for this: they are the new arrivals, or staff members missed this product during the input process. Either way, custom products can be created immediately to complete the transaction.

Products cannot be found

Due to system errors or mistakes from employees, the product that a customer has chosen cannot be found on the POS sell screen. This creates inconvenience for both customers and the staff members. In this situation, custom products can serve as a short-term solution for businesses. Therefore, it is advisable to re-check the system after that transaction to find the errors and solve them.

Products are sold at a special price

Another situation when salespersons need to create custom products in POS is when products have special prices. Some powerful POS systems in present days have a separate discount function that automatically deducts the original price by percentage/amount. However, the selling activities are much more dynamic than the official sales seasons. 

Perhaps the cashier wants to create brand-new products with special prices. In other situations, a special guest can receive a discounted price that is not from any program. With custom products, employees can have full flexibility in adding the appropriate items to cart.

How to create custom products in POS?

The detailed steps may differ depending on the POS system you use. However, most of them have the custom product option on the checkout screen. By clicking on it, employees can add custom products in POS by filling in some required fields, such as name, price, quantity, or other notes.

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