What is unified commerce? Lana D February 10, 2022
What is unified commerce?
What is unified commerce

Customer experience has never failed to be significant. A study from PWC showed that more than 40% of shoppers would be willing to spend more money for a satisfactory service experience. Also, according to this study, over 50% would agree to pay more for quicker and more practical commerce experience. That is why, as a retail business, you should use the strategy related to unified commerce. What is it? What are its benefits and how to ace it? Check out below for the answer.

What is unified commerce?

Unified commerce is practically one software or platform that enables you to interact with every one of the dots in your operations. It is fine to consider unified commerce as the word employed to specify a software solution with the ability to connect every one of your retail stocks and customer info from the whole sales department. For example, with it, you can integrate a lot of blocks into a single one. These include marketing, sales channels (socials, websites, shops, etc.), customer service, accounting, payment procedure, order control, stock control, logistics, content management systems, enterprise resource planning), insights and reporting, etc.

Advantages of Unified Commerce


Purchasers can make use of a variety of sale channels and devices to begin, continue, and complete buys. There are no interruptions or something along the way. The flexibility of their purchase experience is no joke.

Interaction monitoring

Thanks to completely integrated channels, you can keep an eye on your shoppers’ involvement with your brand. You will likewise analyze these with ease. This way helps you make the best, most informed decisions.

Real-time updates

With unified commerce, the update process of item information at every level of the platform becomes faster and simpler than ever. That also means your purchases can access relevant info all the time. 

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Customized recommendations

As mentioned above, 100% integrated channels let you keep track of your shopper interactions. This approach enables creating customized offerings for each customer. 

ConnectPOS Can Help You Ace Unified Commerce

ConnectPOS Can Help You Ace Unified Commerce

ConnectPOS is among the best POS providers. Many retail merchants suggest using the ConnectPOS system as the foundation for the unified commerce approach. And here are a few notable features of this solution:

  • Real-time synchronization between the stocks and point of sale software
  • Control of multiple warehouses and multiple stores
  • AI tech. We mean AI facial detection, customer screen with high interactivity, and PWA Consumer Application. 
  • Working well with many devices including tablets, mobile phones, computers, and so on. 
  • Click-and-collect features. These enable shoppers to make online purchases and pick them up in shops.
  • No additional fee when you use 3rd-party paying gateways.

In short

Hopefully, this post has given you helpful information about unified commerce. Unified commerce has everything to do with helping the balance between goods, information, customers, and staff through one platform. It is now over to you to determine the most suitable basis for this strategy, for example, ConnectPOS. For any related questions, please feel free to reach out to us right now here.

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