What is ERP? How Netsuite ERP Can Help Your Business Grow Huong Vu September 28, 2023

What is ERP? How Netsuite ERP Can Help Your Business Grow

What is ERP? How Netsuite ERP Can Help Your Business Grow

In today’s modern business landscape, to respond to the market’s needs, retail businesses need to embrace cloud-based software applications to revolutionize. One of those great tools is the Enterprise Resource Planning software application, which is important in promoting your company’s growth. The NetSuite provider is at the forefront of providing this support. In this article, you’ll learn what ERP is and how Netsuite ERP can help your business grow.

What is ERP? 

ERP refers to a system that helps enterprise resource planning. In simpler terms, this is a tool used to manage all activities of an organization or business. If in the past, sellers or administrators often used independent, discrete software and could not create linkages between business processes, with ERP support, all software will be integrated into a single system.

The Enterprise Resource Planning system connects the software on one platform, and the generated data can report the most complete and overview of all business activities. Managers only need to go through this system to be able to capture all activities of the department through an internet connection.

How Can Netsuite ERP Help Your Business Grow?

After having the answer to the question “What is ERP?” what the retailer is interested in is a tool to provide the best, and NetSuite ERP is a top choice.

First of all, NetSuite ERP is cloud-based, a software as a service (SaaS), which means the codebase is shared for users to take advantage of economies of scale, helping businesses save a lot of money. This system helps businesses streamline business processes. The platform includes order management, inventory management, and the implementation of loyalty programs. In addition, it includes a wide range of integrations from financial reporting, inventory management, project management, accounting, and production management. It is worth noting that this solution allows customization according to business needs.

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Besides, what makes NetSuite stand out is the customization. With other solutions and applications, this feature is limited and sometimes businesses must customize it according to the software. But NetSuite ERP is a powerful and flexible platform that does not restrict or force businesses to follow any fixed pattern. Moreover, it meets exactly what the store needs and eliminates unnecessary functions. This creates a seamless system with essential features for every type of business and efficiency will be improved.

Businesses will be supported with strict financial management thanks to data synchronization and transfer. Transactions and cash flows will be strictly managed through sales channels to minimize risks for the store. The solution has integrated support with detailed accounting, reporting, and analysis tools. This will help management and business decisions be more accurate.


What is ERP?” is a question many businesses seek because they want a transformation. The current ERP system is considered the backbone of business operations and management in all industries of many different sizes. Using NetSuite ERP correctly and optimally will help businesses optimize resources, save costs, and increase profits and competitiveness in the market. If you want a solution connecting to NetSuite ERP, please contact us.

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