What Is Draft Order In POS? ConnectPOS Content Creator September 11, 2023

What Is Draft Order In POS?

Draft Order In POS

If you are handling an order, but something comes up, your customer has yet to complete it. Would you empty the whole cart? That would be too much of a hassle. You need the ‘what is Draft Order in POS?’ feature for your POS system. So, let us walk you through the definition and show you how to operate the feature on POS.

What is a draft order? 

A draft order is the order you create on your customer’s behalf, which later becomes an order if you accept payment for it. It is similar to the order that customers create for themselves. 

Why do you need a draft order in POS?

As many retailer workflows now use draft orders, being able to access, add items and save draft has become a major demand. 

For retailers that receive orders through outside channels and enable a wide variety of cases such as

  • Orders for sales made by phone, via chat, or in person
  • Pre-order from customers
  • Even when you want to save the order as a draft and continue to work on it later because your customers need to grab more products

From a draft order, you could add items, discount to that cart so the order could be completed without having to enter all of that information again. 

For example, with ConnectPOS, you could manage, search real-time draft orders, and delete them directly from your POS devices. 

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How to use draft orders in POS?

To put an order on hold

Select your register

Add products to the cart

Customize the order: 

  • Add customer
  • Apply discounts
  • Add notes

Click the More Options icon (Three Dots icon) on the upper right

Choose ‘Save Current Cart’

To retrieve an on-hold orders

Click on ‘Retrieve On-hold Orders’

Click ‘Retrieve’ on the order that you want to continue, or click the Trash bin icon to delete (you could lookup order by name, email, order number, tags)

To sum up

If you are a retailer, it is essential to have a draft order feature on your POS, so that you can easily deal with multiple orders simultaneously, or to save an order for later retrieval. ConnectPOS offers you advanced-technology POS systems with a friendly user interface, perfect for your business to run smoothly. Contact us for your free trial.

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