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What is Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling helps deal with concerns such as time-consuming planning and managing appointments. It makes just about any aspect of appointment management automatic. Acuity likewise ensures online scheduling becomes easier for your clients. This is a plus point to book with you instead of your rivals. For more info about it, let’s check out this post. 

What is Acuity Scheduling?

Acuity Scheduling is an online appointment scheduling and booking software designed to help businesses and professionals streamline their scheduling processes. It allows clients or customers to book appointments, meetings, and services with you or your business online, eliminating the need for back-and-forth emails or phone calls to find a suitable time. Some key features of Acuity Scheduling include:

  1. Online Booking: Clients can view your availability and book appointments at their convenience, 24/7.
  2. Customizable Booking Pages: You can personalize your booking page with your branding, services, and availability preferences.
  3. Calendar Integration: Acuity can sync with popular calendar apps such as Google Calendar, Outlook, and iCal to prevent double-bookings and ensure your schedule is up-to-date.
  4. Automated Reminders: It can send automated email or SMS reminders to clients to reduce no-shows.
  5. Payment Processing: You can integrate payment processing, allowing clients to pay for appointments or services at the time of booking.
  6. Client Management: Acuity enables you to maintain client profiles, notes, and history for better customer relationship management.
  7. Custom Forms: You can create intake forms, questionnaires, or surveys for clients to fill out during the booking process.
  8. Group and Class Booking: It supports scheduling group events, classes, or workshops.
  9. Reporting and Analytics: Acuity provides insights into your scheduling data and booking trends.
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Acuity Scheduling is particularly popular among service-based businesses, consultants, healthcare professionals, and freelancers who need a user-friendly, automated system for appointment management. It offers both free and paid plans with varying features and customization options to suit different business needs.

Who is it for?

Acuity is most suitable for service-centered businesses asking their clients to plan appointments. It likewise suits those leveraging appointments. These are consultants, photographers, tutors, to name a few.

Also, should you search for a way to automate processes and reduce time consumption, this solution is one of your best bets. It works with your current calendars and executes reliable tool integration. The tools include online payment software, email, accounting, etc. 

One thing to note, Acuity Scheduling does not come with any point of sale hardware. Yet, you have the choice to integrate it with trusted POS hardware solutions. You may also want to make use of ConnectPOS. It is fantastic for firms searching for a POS system to streamline their business, handle stocks, and ensure improved inventory holding. 

Notable features

Integrating calendars like Google 

It is simple to sync this software’s calendar with Outlook, Google Calendar, and whatnot. After that, add integrations for various business applications you prefer. For example, these can be Google Hangouts, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, QuickBooks, and so on.

Advanced preferences

When installing Acuity Scheduling, you will receive its guide on the way of displaying the times and dates of your availability. Later, it is easy to create different meeting types and further preferences via your dashboard.

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You can access many things using this solution’s dashboard, for instance, get a report on meetings scheduled, cancellations, and revenue. You likewise like the option of making a custom intake form. This way, Acuity Scheduling works to collect and store client answers on your behalf. 

SMS/ email notifications

Reduce time spent on sending emails by leveraging messages and reminder emails. The software offers templates you can customize for confirmation and as many as 3 reminders. It also delivers options for rescheduling and canceling emails. Follow-ups are also accessible. For example, you complete the template and determine when to send the email, say one day following the appointment, and the system will help you do the rest.

Accepting payments from PayPal, Stripe, etc,

Accepting payments from renowned payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe is essential for modern businesses seeking to provide flexible and secure payment options to their customers. Integrating these services seamlessly into your website or application ensures a smooth and trustworthy transaction process. PayPal, with its versatile solutions such as PayPal Standard and Express Checkout, allows businesses to cater to a wide range of users.

Meanwhile, Stripe simplifies the integration process with its developer-friendly tools and extensive language support. By offering payment gateways like these, companies can expand their customer base and build confidence, knowing that their transactions are handled with industry-standard security and efficiency.


Reduce the time and stress related to appointment booking with your clients. Allow Acuity Scheduling to do this part. This enables you to concentrate on other crucial business jobs. Should you need help with the POS system to be integrated into Acuity, please reach us for an individual quote.

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