Unveil the power of the crowd Huong Vu October 16, 2023

Unveil the power of the crowd

Unveil the power of the crowd

A crowdsourcing platform is not only where you can explore remarkable new products but also where to reach solutions to sophisticated processes. Let’s unveil the power of the crowd in this post.

What is a crowdsourcing platform?

Crowdsourcing platform refers to engaging groups in finding answers to a problem. It often involves an online team of thinkers such as staff yet not necessarily. While conventional corporate innovation turns to internal talented staff, this platform has a broader range of thinkers joined. They can be staff, fans, customers, or particular expertise communities. As a popular example, the Open Innovation portal of the giant allows the firm to seek professional input on solutions to transportation and so on. 

Unveil the power of the crowd

More ideas in less time thanks to the crowdsourcing platform

As this platform involves a lot of effort to handle a concern, it produces more ideas than conventional innovation forms. Also, it is able to do that in less time. This should be a key benefit when you take on time-sensitive tasks. For example, NASA utilizes crowdsourcing competitions like the Space Robotics Challenge to increase the speed of innovation procedures. 

Making breakthrough ideas a reality

With a crowdsourcing platform, firms can make breakthrough ideas reality. Usually, these ideas lead to great solutions and bring novel and improved methods of doing things. As mentioned above, crowdsourcing involves many different minds to raise their ideas, justifying why it generates many great unexpected ideas. Thanks to dispersed thinking, firms do not only depend on individuals but think outside the box and discover ideas that make a difference. 

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Voting ideas

In addition, crowdsourcing platforms give a cool way for firms to test how popular new ideas or goods are before they try to develop them. By doing this, they can save a lot of money and get broader market support before the launch of a product. For instance, in the ‘My Idea’ portal of Starbucks, its shoppers and fans are welcome to submit their recommendations for new goods and enhancements to the corporate processes. 

Creating crowd buzz with more ease

A crowdsourcing platform is not only useful for accessing ideas but also an interesting spectacle for shoppers, fans, and staff. It is competitive; therefore, it is an appeal to the public interest. As anybody has a chance to submit their suggestion regardless of their experience and skills, this attracts people who may already have a brilliant idea but have not yet been listened to. For instance, the Lego Ideas platform of Lego is good at creating this sort of marketing buzz. Whenever the brand releases a brand new crowdsourced item, this item attracts a long list of fans who cannot wait to purchase it. The marketing buzz often costs a lot to make, yet crowdsourcing helps appeal to many shoppers, fans, and staff employees who are already curious about it.In conclusion, crowdsourcing platforms enable firms to speed up their innovation procedure and raise their rate of success. For more information, call us.

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