5 Trends you must know to expand your retail power in Mexico ConnectPOS Content Creator October 15, 2023

5 Trends you must know to expand your retail power in Mexico

retail power in Mexico

As 2022 arrives, there are trends you must know to expand your retail power in Mexico. They vary from impressive new partnerships to retail advancements. Check below for the 5 top Mexico retail trends.

Social Commerce

Statistics show that in the past year, more than 30% of customers, including those in Mexico, purchased an item online using personal computers. Over 35% purchased an item online through tablets, and more than 40% used smartphones for online purchases. Also, over 50% of the shoppers said that they have turned more digital from when the first Pulse study was carried out. 

As you can see, the boost in online shopping is incredible, particularly when you consider the challenges given by the coronavirus pandemic and the showdown of physical shops. 

An innovative way of Influencer Marketing

In the past, influencer marketing had to do with shots of goods edited heavily, captions made with care, and so on. Yet last year, there was a key change in how influencers and companies collaborated. Content made by influencers has generally changed to a raw and genuine aesthetic. The shift will keep on as one of the Mexico retail trends this year 

For instance, Bandier, a fitness retailer, joins hands with sector leaders to use IG Live for running amazing workouts. After that, they post the recordings on IGTV. This way allows people not watching the live stream yet to see. 

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The new retail trends of AR known as Augmented reality, AI known as artificial intelligence, and so on continue. On the one hand, retail AR is not a new concept. As you may know, 4 years ago, Facebook took a few large AR moves. But it is worth noting that this trend has shifted from a good-to-have to a critical element of businesses’ eCommerce offerings.

A lot of customers keep counting on buying online during Covid-19. So, businesses make use of AR innovation to fill the gap between offline and online. Indeed, reportedly, the coronavirus pandemic has boosted the change to purchasing online by about 5 years. 

Values and transparency have always been crucial to customers. In other words, companies should consider them as their priority as soon as they can. 

More than 70% of shoppers like purchasing from value-centered brands more. According to the report, more than 45% of shoppers said that they are more eco-conscious. Also, Forrester shows that customers are more and more assessing brands and goods depending on the ethics of the business. 

Shipping on the same day 

Today, more and more customers wish to receive their purchases as soon as possible. They want their buys fulfilled on the same day or more quickly. That is why companies have tried to meet that need. For example, Prime Air from Amazon leverages UAV tech to ship customers’ purchases in half an hour or less. In conclusion, above are some Mexico retail trends you must know to expand your retail power. Contact us for more insights. 

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