Transform your store gallery with the right tricks Steven P August 29, 2022
Transform your store gallery with the right tricks

The main source of income for art houses comes from the sale of works, so to increase the number of customers buying the works on display, it is necessary to have creative thinking and appropriate ways to reach the target market. mine. In this article, we would like to give tips to help transform your store gallery and increase sales.

What is a store gallery or art house?

A store gallery or art house is a store that belongs to a business, specializing in displaying and selling art goods. These galleries can be large or small businesses and there are thousands of galleries worldwide and online. The main goal of an art house is to sell artwork and build relationships with investors and art collectors.

There is always confusion between museum and store galleries. Both of these venues hold open-air exhibitions to display works of art to the public. However, they use completely different business models to finance operating expenses and make money. While the museum focuses on selling entrance tickets to make money with the main purpose of its activities aimed at education and awareness, the store gallery makes money mainly by selling works of art.

Tips to support galleries to increase sales

Hold New Openings

In order to increase revenue for galleries, openings to introduce new works of art need to be organized and publicized. Businesses can submit press releases to the Events or Arts section of their local newspaper to announce and promote their opening and gallery. You can organize and bring in new people who have previously purchased an artist’s work, they are more likely to buy more work.

Targeting Local Buyers

Another way to attract customer attention to increase sales is to leverage the work of local artists and target local buyers. Potential customers tend to pay more attention to work from their home country. Therefore, exhibitors need to develop advertising campaigns that include messages about buying local artwork to take advantage of the ongoing spending trend at local businesses.

Sell to Businesses

Instead of just waiting to sell to each customer one by one, your store gallery can reach a customer with a larger buying potential that is businesses who need artwork for hallway decoration, their dining areas, offices, and conference rooms. You can prepare a catalog of photos of your work or invite this potential customer to your gallery and prepare to tell the story of the work you have. You can advise fitting the space or needs of customers to help them be more satisfied.

Use Digital Strategies

In the current information technology era, digitalization in business is a key factor in increasing revenue. Store galleries can use a digital strategy to increase sales by setting up social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram or Twitter. This will be a place to help businesses promote, post announcements about new artworks that will be available in their libraries, and invite customers to participate in opening events to create buzz. By creating and promoting works through social networks, the market share of your business will increase and revenue will increase.


Increasing sales and transforming your store gallery is also easier today with the help of technology and digitization. If you are looking for a tool to help you manage your art house, contact us.

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