Top 5 POS vendor in africa Huong Vu October 13, 2023

Top 5 POS vendor in africa

Top 5 POS vendor in africa

Businesses of today, particularly those operating in the African market, frequently desire to improve their operations. They want a proper POS (point-of-sale) system in particular when concentrating on physical and online stores because it will enable them to reap additional advantages. 

We would like to highlight the POS vendor in Africa that assist companies in maximizing the potential of their business in this post.


As a result of its specific and user-friendly features, ConnectPOS is a POS vendor in Africa, an appropriate system for retailers in the country. African shops and companies may manage and conduct business more simply with the use of this POS. It contains capabilities including customer management, personnel management, and goods and order management. 

The centralization of data is a particularly strong aspect of this system. For the omnichannel businesses. of today, this capability is essential. Multiple points of sale may be integrated into one system so that they can all be conveniently handled on the same platform. Users can try the POS system for 14 days before deciding whether to utilize it.

A scalable POS of ConnectPOS has no trouble accommodating data increase or even reduction. The ultimate goal of a POS system should be to increase productivity while enabling you to change and add functionality as your business requirements vary. You should be able to access and develop data in real-time from anywhere if you desire to grow your firm.


Lavu offers a state-of-the-art POS vendor in Africa with additional functionality to the restaurant business. By simplifying customer interactions and how each team member responds to orders, Lavu enables owners and company leaders to engage with their clients on a new level. 

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To make the most of every contact, the feature-rich platform automates reporting, online ordering, and in-person checkouts. Small to large organizations may take use of Lavu’s potential with its extremely adaptable solutions.

Eye active AppSuite

Create engaging interactive signage software solutions on any large-scale touchscreen, table, kiosk, stele or video wall. Without any coding required, this POS vendor in Africa can quickly and cheaply combine and adapt pre-made multi-touch apps while integrating your own information and graphics!

All apps are based on eye factive’s multi-awarded software technology to give genuine multi-touch and multi-user experiences, with ultra-fast performance on any device, as opposed to straightforward HTML point-and-click applications.

Loyverse POS

Inventory management and POS (Point of Sale) software are the leading solutions for Loyverse POS. Point-of-sale systems are available for cafés, shops, beauty parlors, and more. Manage your store and sales using a smartphone or tablet. 

Loyverse POS, a POS vendor in Africa, will make sales simple and quick, manage inventory, enable you to see sales data, help you attract and keep consumers, and quadruple their average spending. Install the Loyverse app on your tablet or smartphone, start selling, and sign up consumers. Control one or more stores from a single account. 

Floral Frog

For handling the commercial aspect of floristry, Floral Frog, a POS vendor in Africa, is a complete yet user-friendly floral management system with EPOS. It eliminates hours of administrative labor and lessens the load of handling the paperwork that is frequently seen in flower businesses. 

There’s no need for order pads anymore since you can handle orders centrally and quickly locate them, including their payment and delivery status. 

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A hosted POS system on the cloud, ConnectPOS is a trusted POS vendor in Africa that is appropriate for any type of company enterprise worldwide. Merchants in South Africa may use this POS system to run their businesses smoothly and accomplish a lot of goals. Contact us right now!

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