Top 5 Magento inventory management extension in 2023 ConnectPOS Content Creator September 29, 2021

Top 5 Magento inventory management extension in 2023

Magento inventory management extension

A proper inventory management system is vital for modern retailers to adapt to changes in the market flexibly. However, developing an advanced inventory system is never easy since there are numerous things to handle. Fortunately, if you run your stores on the Magento platform, you can easily find and choose a Magento inventory management extension in the marketplace. Yet, which one is the most suitable for your stores? Following are the top 5 Magento inventory management extensions you may look for.

ConnectPOS by ConnectRetail

The very first Magento inventory management extension in this list is ConnectPOS developed by ConnectRetail. This company has provided POS solutions for Magento retailers for ages. And by 2020, more than a thousand Magento retailers are adopting this solution. 

The highlight feature of ConnectPOS is its ability to synchronize all data between every store, warehouse location and system in real-time. Even when your store disconnects from the Internet, the system is able to continuously record data and update into the system later on. 

In addition, ConnectPOS enables retailers to create orders with products that are temporarily out-of-stock in order to avoid losing sales revenue. The new feature – Stocktake of this Magento POS supports retail businesses to count and save items accurately within the app in just a few clicks.

Being a global standard inventory management solution, ConnectPOS offers many other powerful inventory features. You can go to this page and check them out or book a demo to experience this solution freely within 14 days.

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Advance Inventory Management by Veeqo

The inventory management extension developed by Veeqo is truly an all-in-one solution. This extension can not only facilitate omnichannel inventory management but also support store orders, delivery, and returns. 

Also, Veeqo provides Magento retailers with an outstanding forecast feature. To be more specific, retail businesses can have this feature to analyze their sales and evaluate best-selling items. Besides, retailers can also create and sell products in bundles, packs and then deliver them to customers in just a minute. 

Advanced Inventory by Wyomind

Similar to ConnectPOS, Wyomind enables retailers to update all inventory data in real time in order to closely keep track of every operation. Additionally, with Wyomind, retail store owners can also create an unlimited number of stock levels as well as dispatch orders automatically. 

Another excellent feature of Wyomind advanced inventory is the restricted access option.  With these features, retail stores are able to optimize the sales process by assigning suitable permissions for particular staff.

Inventory management by Unleashed

Unleash offers retailers a cloud-based inventory solution that can support them to effectively manage multiple warehouses. There is no limitation on the number of warehouses retailers can manage with these extensions. Also, the system can constantly collect and store all data related to inventory such as stock levels or product prices into the system. Besides, Unleashed has developed a mobile app to better support retailers anytime anywhere. 

Multi Warehouse Inventory by Amasty

The Magento inventory management extension from Amasty provides retail business almost every basic feature for managing warehouses. Moreover, this extension empowers retail stores with the ability to unite several sources via stocks and link them to their sales platforms. Amasty also utilizes algorithms to customize as well as optimize shipping cost.

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Bottom lines,

There are more and more Magento inventory management extension entering the marketing which may somewhat confuse retailers to choose the one for their store. Here is a comprehensive list of most feature-rich and robust solutions we have made to help Magento retailers. We hope that via this article, you can have an overview of what a Magento inventory management extension can do for your stores and finally find out your most suitable partner. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us anytime!

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