Top 5 Gift Card Integrations For Your POS System ConnectPOS Content Creator September 30, 2023

Top 5 Gift Card Integrations For Your POS System

Gift Card Integrations

Customer retention is one of the most important factors nowadays for retail businesses. It decides the long-term success and the company’s reputation. If you own a POS system, integrating gift card extensions can be an effective way to enhance your customer loyalty. What are the top 5 POS gift card integrations on the market now, and what are the outstanding features? We will give you the answer in this blog.


Aheadworks is a Magento 2 gift card extension allowing users to manage physical and virtual cards. This POS gift card integration allows store owners to customize a design for their gift cards. Some of its outstanding features are:

  • Easily track balance and code status from the backend
  • Generate manual code
  • Add card balance and expiry date 
  • Open pricing type for multiple card use cases
  • Analyze the performance of gift cards
  • Receive other admin management tools

Aheadworks aims to provide a flexible gift card integration for POS on Magento. If you are looking for a powerful yet easy-to-use gift card system, Aheadworks should definitely be on your list of considerations.

Price: $279 (Community) and $599 (Enterprise)


Gift card extension by Amasty is our next suggestion. This extension also works on Magento 2. With Amasty, store owners can customize the gift cards and send them to customers via email or post office. The admin can also set up automated email campaigns to remind customers to use the cards before expiration. Besides, some other key features include:

  • Manage purchased gift cards: add gift codes, track balance, delete used cards, check card status, etc.
  • Configure products: set card type, lifetime, etc.
  • Generate and manage gift card codes
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Price: $299 (Community) and $599 (Enterprise)

Mage Worx

Mage Worx is an all-in-one POS gift card solution for businesses’ loyalty programs. This extension is well-known for its flexible usage by customers. Mage Worx lets customers buy, share, and redeem the gift card at any time. For store owners, it has a variety of features, namely:

  • Support email/ physical or printed gift cards
  • Create multiple gift codes
  • Support backend control, such as extending expiration, customizing details, etc.
  • Import/ export gift card data
  • Provide expiration alerts

Price: $199 (Community) and $398 (Enterprise)


MageAnts is another extension that provides gift card functions for POS systems. This integration offers different gift card options at multiple rates. With MageAnts, users can also develop excellent loyalty programs, especially during holiday seasons. Here are some of the points you should consider about MageAnts:

  • Monitor configurable gift cards for different price ranges
  • Control auto-generated codes
  • Apply gift cards to various product categories
  • Customize email templates
  • Inform shoppers about the expiration date

Price: $79 (Community) and $179 (Enterprise)


Magenest offers Magento users the latest and creative ways to monitor their POS gift card systems. An interesting feature of Magenest is the ability to customize the cards by customers and send them to their loved ones as a present. Having this characteristic, store owners can motivate customers to take part in the loyalty program. Additionally, some other notable features are:

  • Manage gift cards within a dashboard
  • Automatically send notifications after purchase with a gift card
  • Add, edit and delete gift cards easily
  • Receive configurable gift card module
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Unlike the previous 4, Magenest is available for free (community), or comes with $149 (enterprise).

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We hope that this blog can provide useful information about the top gift card extensions for POS. Being a leading point of sale provider, ConnectPOS offers all-in-one solutions for retailers, including various options for gift card integrations such as Aheadworks. Contact us if you are interested!

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