Top 4 Technical Newsletters IT And Business Leaders Should Subscribe ConnectPOS Content Creator September 21, 2023

Top 4 Technical Newsletters IT And Business Leaders Should Subscribe

Technical Newsletters IT

The technical newsletter is an informative channel that effectively provides professionals with up-to-date technological trends and innovations. By subscribing to newsletters, readers are able to keep up with the latest advances in the technology industry.

With loads and loads of emerging information released daily, sometimes readers may be confused about where to find expected articles. However, each technical blog usually focuses on certain aspects instead of spreading across the entire field. Thus, what readers should do is to locate the most suitable relevant newsletter for certain purposes.

Following are some recommended technical newsletters that all IT and business leaders should know.


Wired – a technology magazine from the US – has been publishing both printed and online articles since March 1993. It mainly focuses on the influences of emerging technical innovations on the economy and politics. After years, some other versions were launched to serve out international readers namely Wired UK, Wired Italia, Wired Japan, and Wired Germany. Technical articles published on Wired are written in storytelling format in order to help readers easily follow and convey valuable knowledge. 

Business Insider

Business Insider (BI) – an American technical newsletter founded in 2007 – reports and provides readers with global technology, financial, and business news. BI is very popular among young technophiles for providing unique and important stories. Writers in BI also have built great reputations, which makes BI highly credible.

Hacker Newsletter

Hacker Newsletter was first introduced on February 19, 2007, and mainly focuses on computer science and entrepreneurship. This technical newsletter allows readers to customize easily. Readers are able to choose the number of articles that would be sent via email every day. Considerably, Hacker News has reported subscribers from top technology companies such as Microsoft or LinkedIn and also been considered to be one of the top worth-reading technical blogs in the US.

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ZDnet was first launched on April 1, 1991. Within two decades, ZDnet has developed to be one of the most interesting technologies that target business and IT professionals. This newsletter offers audiences the latest news, analysis, and also research related to IT issues and occurrences. 

In Conclusion,

Don’t miss your chances to stay ahead of the curve by subscribing to these four recommended technical blogs or any other newsletters that may cover your interest. If you have already followed any valuable newsletters, please share them with us in the comment section. Follow ConnectPOS for more comprehensive latest updates and insight into an omnichannel retail business, especially if you seek a great POS solution for aspiring retail businesses.

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