More than bunnies and eggs! Check out top 5 tips to increase your Easter retail salesLana DApril 7, 2022
More than bunnies and eggs! Check out top 5 tips to increase your Easter retail sales

According to statistics, retailers get many sales benefits from Easter. For example, this holiday allows the United Kingdom to have an over 9% rise in online eCommerce sales in April. When it comes to Denmark, it enjoyed a new record (about 1.80 billion DKK more in sales). Looking at these statistics, you may safely consider this popular holiday gives main sales chances for many businesses. Easter this year is approaching. Retailers should take some actions to increase Easter sales. Check out the top 5 tips for that purpose.

Provide special discounts

There will be more rival competition around Easter. Therefore, think about how a discount with a good promotion can provide you with an edge. Consider cases your shoppers would be in this time. For example, they may be making some preparation for dinners for family gatherings. They may be having some meetings with buddies and relatives. They are likely to visit gyms and do more workouts. Else, they may simply relax on the chair. After that, consider which items they might think about in these cases. In addition, consider other stuff they are likely to want for spring. Next, you can create a special discount plan to promote them.

Generate a sense of urgency

Generate a sense of urgency

Another tip to increase Easter sales is making use of the boost in purchasing during this holiday to clear out your items from the previous season. To establish a sense of urgency for your shoppers, we suggest trying out various types of sales each day on this occasion. For example, Old Navy carried out a good campaign in this way.

Implement a giveaway on your social media platforms to increase Easter sales

There are a lot of things you can make use of on your social media platforms. For example, you may want to carry out a classic giveaway on social media. Just ask those who follow you to name a person who they love and think deserves the prize or unleash creativity with guessing games.

Engage as well as sell

Engage as well as sell

A fashion brand from the US named the Banana Republic carried out an excellent promotion called “Easter egg hunt”. With this promotion, visitors search through various pages on this brand’s website to find “eggs” that are hidden. What is cool is that clicking on such eggs will lead them to a page. On this page, they get a discount code. This strategy is clever because it is likely that those who have not visited your store website will do so.

Generate a hashtag

You can increase Easter sales by trying out user-generated content on your social media platforms. For example, you will ask those who follow you to take a selfie. Then, they should share their preferable ways of utilizing your products. After that, they will post them on the social media platform with a special hashtag. This hashtag needs to include your brand name.

In conclusion, those were the top 5 tips to increase Easter sales. Contact us for more information.

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