The rise of contactless hotels after the pandemic ConnectPOS Content Creator October 15, 2023

The rise of contactless hotels after the pandemic

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Before COVID-19 affected domestic and global travel, the worldwide hotel trade appeared great. For example, the corporate travel sector was predicted to thrive into an over $1.6 trillion sector by 2023. Yet, what is waiting for them instead of appreciating what was expected among the largest growth hotel businesses have ever got? During Covid-19, they have faced some difficulties. But the good news is that the rise of contactless hotel locations after the pandemic is undeniable and beneficial. 

Check-in adjustments & Digitization

One of the most famous examples of adjustments to contactless hotels is HayMax Hotels. It has put investment in tech. As a result, their customers can use a digital key to gain access to their booked rooms. With this, the check-in procedure becomes safer and more productive. That is because it gets rid of the need to interact face-to-face at the receptionist’s desk.

Rental of the entire spa to facilitate contactless hotel

A few hotels have decreased face-to-face contact by using this way. They have limited the utilization of sauna and other areas to family groups and individual ones. The guests have to book facilities beforehand to take the time slots. During that time, they have exclusive utilization of the booked facilities. That is the change of a hard situation related to COVID-19 into a one-of-a-kind chance for customers to appreciate every one of those fantastic things for themselves.    

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Room marketing in a different way

A few hotels promote themselves as contactless hotels by providing special rates for locals who wish to self-isolate comfortably from the world out there. This gives a helpful service to the community in the local area, and also assists in income generation.

Considering restrictions related to travel, locals are becoming bored when they are at home more often. They wish to enjoy their lives more fully and have a different experience. That is why a few hotels are assisting them with that by carrying out room marketing in a different way. 

Robot butlers in contactless hotel      

A typical example of this approach is the Mercantile Hotel. This hotel has modern robot butlers. They can give the guest newspaper at the beginning of the day. They also work to provide welcoming nibbles on hotel arrival. The robot butlers are good at mixing beverages, too.  

This way has become extra famous among the guests of the hotel. It is also a great method of decreasing face-to-face contact with employees. It has likewise turned into a tool to make revenue. For example, the robot butlers get a fee for shipping items, for instance, the delivery of drinks from the lobby shop.In conclusion, for many hotels, overcoming COVID-19 time is one of the challenges they had to encounter. They need to take a technologically used approach to overcome them. That explains the rise of contactless hotel locations after the pandemic. This way helps increase revenue. It is also a trusted revenue source following the less tense situation of the coronavirus pandemic. Call us for more information. 

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