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The Growing Popularity of Shooting Sports in Australia

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In recent years, the shooting sports industry in Australia has experienced a remarkable surge in popularity. From recreational enthusiasts to competitive marksmen, many Australians embrace shooting sports as a thrilling and engaging pursuit. 

As this trend continues to gain momentum, many individuals and businesses are exploring the prospect of entering the firearms market. However, navigating the regulations and requirements for selling guns in Australia can be a complex journey. 

Let’s delve into the burgeoning trend of shooting sports in Australia and check valuable insights on how to sell firearms while adhering to the legal framework successfully.

The Growing Popularity of Shooting Sports in Australia

Shooting has rapidly emerged as one of Australia’s most swiftly expanding sports, drawing the attention of a diverse range of individuals, including women and tradespeople, in unprecedented numbers.

The national membership count of the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (SSAA) has now soared to 186,079 members. Of note, Victoria has secured a prominent position as one of the fastest-growing states, achieving a remarkable record of 36,373 members in July 2017, propelled by an impressive annual growth rate of 3.28 percent.

The female membership witnessed a substantial growth of 8.69 percent during the 2016-17 period, although starting from a comparatively smaller base of 2365 women. More women were now keen on joining hunting trips alongside their partners or husbands, further noting the potential prowess of female shooters in terms of accuracy and control over their breathing and emotions.

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The accomplishments of Australian women shooters at the Rio Olympics in the previous year have served to underscore their proficiency in the field, potentially contributing to the rising appeal of the sport among women. 

While tradespeople may fill the shooting ranges on their days off, families venture out together for camping, hunting, or refining their shooting sports skills at the range. This trend is mirrored by the significant growth in game licenses issued to hunters in Victoria, driven in large part by deer hunting. 

Figures from the Game Management Authority indicate that 48,000 licenses were issued in the last year, compared to a mere 30,000 in 2010. This surge is propelled by a desire for outdoor experiences, often inspired by television programs and social media, coupled with an increase in deer populations drawn to bushfire regrowth.

How to Sell Guns in Australia

Submitting a permit to acquire

It is possible to simultaneously apply for your initial permit to acquire along with your application for licensing.

When presenting a permit to acquire an application, there might be a necessity to furnish supplementary details to validate a genuine requirement.

For individuals obtaining their inaugural firearm, complying with the mandated waiting period could be obligatory before the issuance of the permit. In light of this, it is highly recommended to initiate an application with the Licensing and Regulation Division at least four weeks before the anticipated need.

Should you intend to procure a longarm, you can complete the Permit to Acquire a Longarm Application through the online platform. Alternatively, for those seeking to acquire a handgun, the process involves downloading and duly completing the Permit to Acquire a Handgun Application, followed by submitting the finalized form to the Licensing and Regulation Division.

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Upon the receipt and approval of your application, your permit will be dispatched directly to you via postal mail.

Advertising firearms for sale

A person who is not a Licensed Firearms Dealer may be able to advertise the sale of firearms without committing an offense, depending on the state or territory laws. However, the advertisement must include the following information:

  • A declaration that the intended sale will be facilitated via a Licensed Firearm Dealer, acting as an intermediary.
  • The serial number of the firearm intended for sale.
  • The license number of the registered firearm owner.


  • The purchaser must possess the appropriate license permitting them to legally own, use, and carry the firearm.
  • The transfer of the firearm/s from the seller to the buyer must occur through a Licensed Firearms Dealer, employing a permit to acquire.

Advertisements promoting firearm sales are permissible on various platforms, including online spaces, provided that the advertisement distinctly presents details such as the firearm’s serial number, the dealer’s or owner’s particulars, and their license number.

Advertisements featured on third-party trading websites like Gumtree or eBay are subject to compliance with the terms and conditions established by the service provider.

Transferring a firearm

To effect a transfer of firearm ownership between two firearm license holders in Victoria, the individual receiving the firearm must fulfill the following criteria:

Hold a valid Victorian firearm license that authorizes them to possess, carry, or use the specific category and type of firearm in question.

  • Demonstrate a legitimate and substantiated reason for their ownership of the said firearm.
  • Obtain a Permit to Acquire issued by Victoria Police, confirming the legality of the acquisition.
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Subsequently, both license holders must jointly engage a Licensed Firearms Dealer who will act as an intermediary to facilitate the transfer process. Before commencing the transfer through the Licensed Firearms Dealer, the following documentation is requisite:

  • A valid and currently active Permit to Acquire.
  • Proof of payment for the issued permit.
  • The firearm intended for transfer.

This collaborative process ensures the compliant and lawful transition of firearm ownership between the two license holders.

How the Partership of ConnectPOS and 2A Commerce Can Help?

The partnership between ConnectPOS and 2A Commerce equips firearm businesses to effectively align with the surging demand in the Australian shooting sports sector. 

By combining ConnectPOS’s advanced point-of-sale technology with 2A Commerce’s specialized solutions, firearm businesses can seamlessly manage sales, inventory, and compliance. This synergy empowers them to stay abreast of the rising shooting sports trends, ensuring streamlined operations and customer satisfaction.

To Sum Up,

As the fascination with shooting sports continues to captivate Australians, there’s no denying the potential opportunities within the firearms industry. Whether you’re an avid shooter, an entrepreneur with a passion for firearms, or a business owner seeking diversification, understanding the intricacies of selling guns in Australia is paramount. From adhering to stringent regulations to establishing a trustworthy reputation, success requires diligence, knowledge, and a commitment to safety.

Are you ready to explore the realm of firearm sales in Australia? At ConnectPOS, we’re here to guide you through every step of the process. Contact us today to embark on this exciting journey while ensuring compliance, safety, and success.

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