Simplify your workload with 5 ways to automate your omnichannel BigCommerce store Steven P February 3, 2023
Simplify your workload with 5 ways to automate your omnichannel BigCommerce store
Simplify your workload with 5 ways to automate your omnichannel BigCommerce store

No matter the channel your customers use, omnichannel commerce offers a seamless buying experience from the very first touchpoint to the very last. It’s a strategy that corporations have already started to see results from.

After integrating a marketplace, retailers selling through a single, branded eCommerce website, like Bigcommerce automation, reported a 58% increase in income. Understandably, consumers are finding companies in entirely new ways now, and they are looking for modern conveniences to help them make judgments about what to buy.

What is omnichannel retail?

Omnichannel retailing is the practice of conducting business across a variety of channels, such as online marketplaces, social media platforms, physical stores, and more. Although the term “omnichannel” has gained popularity, it is not just another way of indicating that you sell across several channels.

Simplify your workload with 5 ways to automate your omnichannel BigCommerce store

Modern consumers don’t want to have to go through any hassles in order to find what they’re looking for or finish a transaction. With so many options available to them, if your customers don’t think they’re having a wonderful experience with you, they’ll just move to a competitor. So, in order to build devoted customers that continue with your brand for years to come, you must be able to send a targeted message to each channel and at any stage in the customer journey.

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Let’s examine the occasionally nuanced distinctions between omnichannel, multichannel, and single-channel commerce in Bigcommerce automation.

5 ways to automate your omnichannel BigCommerce store

Involves multiple platforms

This helps handle the concern that organizations frequently move data and information manually across different systems, especially when those platforms lack integration capabilities. The potential for error and misinterpretation in this procedure is great, and the resulting data loss can be disastrous.

Triggered by particular actions

Bigcommerce automation is clearly appropriate for processes that start or end in response to a previous action. Using a trigger allows the operations to be accomplished promptly and without the need for physical labor.

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Adaptive email campaigns

Simplify your workload with 5 ways to automate your omnichannel BigCommerce store

More than 78% of consumers will only interact with your brand through targeted promotions that are closely related to their prior brand interactions. When used correctly, adaptive email campaigns benefit organizations by producing results.

Companies may boost open, click-through, and conversion rates with tailored messaging. Prepare to observe results by adding a splash of customization to the mixture.

Inventory management automation

Since retail stores are now acting as mini-distribution centers and offer a variety of store fulfillment options, including buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS), buy online, pick up curbside (BOPAC), and buy online, ship to store, tracking inventory has become more difficult. Retailers must source their products from various locations while making sure there is enough inventory available for in-store customers. Real-time inventory visibility is a crucial component of a comprehensive order fulfillment process in a strong order management system.

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Analytics automation

Massive volumes of data are produced by retail technology, including data on every linked touchpoint throughout the company as well as significant indications of customer preferences, intent, and behavior. Different systems have silos for this data. Analytics and business intelligence can be automated to detect, sift, sort, and analyze data in real time in search of information that should support decision-making powered by data.

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