Simple and low cost ways to build a pos systems in south Africa Huong Vu October 14, 2023

Simple and low cost ways to build a pos systems in south Africa

Simple and low cost ways to build a pos systems in south Africa

A suitable POS system is the most important thing for a retailer to help run the entire business and increase sales. For retailers, especially retailers in South Africa, building a simple POS system with low cost is not easy. In this article, we will show the simplest and most low-cost way to build POS systems South Africa.

How to build a POS systems in South Africa simple and low cost

Choose the right provider

To achieve the desired effect, a provider also plays an important role. In today’s market, especially the POS systems South Africa market, there are many POS software providers with diverse features and prices. However, retailers need to optimize their needs to choose a POS system that includes both the right retail hardware and software to make the setup process easy and inexpensive.

In order to choose the right suppliers,  retailers need to assess and specify the budget for the POS system. Performing a pre-assessment will help businesses quickly select a suitable system.

Have a POS expert

A retail technology expert, especially a POS expert, can help businesses choose and set up a POS system simply and easily. These experts are highly specialized people and often work with a variety of businesses. They will know how your store needs a system and advise you to choose the right system. unify. The experts will help you install a simple and low-cost POS system, specifically for African businesses.

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Know the process to set up a POS systems South Africa 

For simplicity and cost savings, retailers need to understand the process of setting up POS systems in South Africa. Once the provider and expert have been selected, retailers need to pay attention that the first step is to launch the software and log in. This section will ask for business details such as store name, location or number of stores, etc. 

To get started, businesses need to upload products, set up user accounts, and proceed with the hardware setup. In addition, businesses should also connect the POS system with other business applications to support business operations seamlessly and optimally.

Some POS systems for business in South Africa with low costs and easy setup


ConnectPOS is a leading POS systems South Africa that is easy to use and low-cost. This POS solution is suitable for retailers looking to expand their business further in the future thanks to the thoughtful setup support it provides. Whether you don’t have experience or don’t understand POS, you will be supported to build a system that is best suited for your business.


Lightspeed POS is famous for its ease of use. This is a provider especially suitable for new and inexperienced businesses setting up a complete POS system. This POS system will also be a great choice for retailers and businesses in South Africa to use in their business activities.


Shopify POS is an extremely simple cloud POS system. Not only supporting building a POS system in a simple and low-cost way, but it is also one of the POS systems in South Africa that support businesses to build websites with Store Builder features to conduct omnichannel retail.

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In today’s era of strong technology development, building a POS system in South Africa at a simple and low cost is difficult and needs businesses to focus on. If you are looking for a simple and suitable POS system for your business, contact us. 

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