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Standard Transaction

Update data instantly

The data on Orders, Inventory, Customers, and Products will be instantly updated from your inventory to our Shopify ConnectPOS system..

Work without Internet

No need to worry about losing the Internet connection. This module allows users to complete basic operations and save data.

Barcode scanning

You can cut down on the checkout process by scanning barcodes with mobile phones or scanners.

Store credit

You can use store credit to pay for products in-store or to receive a refund.


Store owners can choose to print receipts at the brick-and-mortar store or send them to customers via email. The recipt design is customizable.


You can establish different rules for your promotion campaigns using the ConnectPOS system, for instance, Buy X Get Y, Discount per product, Discount the whole cart.

Simple checkout process

Enjoy the convenience and simplicity of our 3-step checkout process.

Payment methods

You can use different payment methods, from cash to cards via different gateways. You don't have to pay additional transaction fee for third-party gateways.

Refund and Exchange

Customers can refund/exchange items. Data will be saved and updated to integrated systems.

Product and Order Management

Order list

The complete order list from both offline and online stores can be viewed by every user.

Custom sales

Our Shopify POS allows users to make a custom sale in case customers wish to buy unavailable items in-store.

Group pricing

This feature allows users to create tiered pricing for various product groups and assist your sales in a flexible way.

Quote management

A sales quotation is created and sent to customers for later shopping activities.

Tax management

Taxes are calculated in ConnectPOS. Different tax settings will be synced with Shopify rules.

Multi-store management

To improve the performance of your business, our system assists the allocation of inventory into separate outlets.

Order fulfillment

From the initial step of receiving orders to the delivery stage, the whole order fulfillment process is automated.

Backorder and Pre-order

Create pre-orders (for items that are coming soon) and backorders (for items that are out-of-stock and get notifications when they’re restocked)..


You can fulfill the order various times or through different channels.


Shopify ConnectPOS allows users to view order values and accept payments in many currencies.

Customer facing display

A wireless customer monitor allows clients to interact with the POS and simplify the order process.

Customer Management

Loyalty program

This program aims to take good care and retain loyal customers with integrated loyalty extension.

Gift card

Gift cards can be used interchangeably at both your brick-and-mortar and online stores.

Inventory Management

Real-time stock update

After setting stock numbers from the POS, data will be updated in real-time to your main system and vice versa.

Warehouse control

Besides syncing inventory of separate warehouses, our POS solution for Shopify can recommend a suitable location to arrange stocks.

Stocktake & adjustment

Shopify ConnectPOS allows users to manage inventory via barcode scanning. Stock numbers can be set up by either fixed numbers or the additional method.

Omnichannel Support

Device compatibility

Shopify ConnectPOS integrates with all devices, creating a seamless selling experience for your retail business.

Self-checkout POS

Buyers can scan barcodes or QR codes for self-checkout via the PWA app. It also sends notifications in case of new arrivals or promotion campaigns.

Click and collect

After completing transactions online, Shopify ConnectPOS allows customers to drop by physical stores to pick up or refund and exchange items.

Staff Management

Staff training

We offer every retailer detailed staff training on the instructions of using ConnectPOS Shopify, with an addition of a usual free demo.

Report system

Our system provides more than 20 reports analyzing every piece of information that store owners and cashiers would need

Users and permissions

You can create unlimited staff accounts and set up roles and permissions for each individual to enable the rights to access data.

Advanced Benefits

24/7 support

We’re 24/7 ready to ensure the seamless operation of your retail business.


We assist in building a fully customized POS system that best suits your Shopify business.


We provide your business with a personalized solution and a seamless omnichannel shopping journey.

Global support

As a global POS solution provider, we value and respect the diversity of our retailers. We're ready to offer our help to stores in every country and time zones, as well as extend the power of multi-national companies.

Multi-country support

If you’re thinking about expanding your business to other countries, ConnectPOS is ready to help. Some of the most prominent regions we’ve supported are the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, UAE, Australia, and New Zealand.

Multi-industry support

Not only limit our power in the retail industry, but we’re also extending our hand to more industries, for example, Fashion, Accessories, Cosmetics, Vape and e-Cigarettes, Furniture, Firearms, Sport and outdoor equipment, Medical, Toys, FnB, and Education.

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