Set up your Shopify stores for wholesale Huong Vu October 16, 2023

Set up your Shopify stores for wholesale

Set up your Shopify stores for wholesale

Do you plan to set up your Shopify stores wholesale? There are various routes to sell Shopify wholesale. You can kick off with discount codes known as the easiest approach and proceed with more involved choices. This article shall help you understand these routes better.

Discount codes

Again, this is the simplest way to sell wholesale via your current storefront on Shopify. Just create discount codes only offered by your business to your wholesale customers. Adopting this way is amazing for figuring out whether wholesale on Shopify is suitable for your firm.

The easiest method of utilizing these codes for wholesale is to provide the same discount on the entirety of the goods you offer. By doing this, you are able to provide your wholesale customers with a single discount code for utilization. In addition, you can create various discount codes for particular goods. This helps in case offering the same percentage markdown on all products is unfeasible for you. But this can be bulky to handle in case you have many various products.


Wholesale customers are usually familiar with getting invoiced when they buy. In case your customers who purchase wholesale get more used to this way, you can still utilize Shopify wholesale. 

To succeed in invoicing those customers via Shopify, you should seek an application’s support. You can visit the Shopify app store to find wholesale applications that can assist you in invoicing. The letdown is that invoicing is a traditional way, increasing your paperwork and likely asking you to wait longer to receive the payments.

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Shopify wholesale channel to sell wholesale

This wholesale channel means a storefront for your customers who purchase wholesale. It has secure protection using passwords. In this channel, every one of your goods with wholesale prices is visible to your shoppers.

This method’s advantages are that it does not require you to establish an entirely separate wholesale storefront. Also, your wholesale shop is password-protected, so you can set an access restriction. You can guarantee that only your validated wholesale customers can visit your wholesale on Shopify. Also, the wholesale channel offers you many invoicing and pricing options. Yet, the letdown is that more attributes mean higher complexity. Establishing and maintaining the Shopify wholesale may take you more time than usual. But in case wholesale plays a big role in your firm, it is worth it.

Second storefront

You may want to establish a separate storefront for wholesale sales in case you have plenty of wholesale volumes. We suggest building a storefront that focuses on the stuff that makes a difference to your customers who buy wholesale. You may shed light on volume discounts as well as turnover rates instead of only the features of your goods. The letdown of this way is that you do not keep track of a store but two. This is more expensive in time and money. 

In conclusion, the above post lists the best ways to sell Shopify wholesale. For more help, call us.

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