How To Smoothly Run Your Store During Holiday Sales ConnectPOS Content Creator September 14, 2023

How To Smoothly Run Your Store During Holiday Sales

Holiday Sales

Christmas and New Year Eve are on their way! This is the perfect timing for households to make their wish list come true with bargains from smoothly run your store during holiday sales. 

According to a Harvard Business Review study, 73% of customers use omnichannel while shopping. With the development of eCommerce platforms and customers’ willingness to buy, the potential of omnichannel in retailing is almost limitless. 

However, a significantly high volume of shoppers during the holiday season requires retailers to build flawless omnichannel systems. On understanding these difficulties, ConnectPOS has developed some tips to guide you through the upcoming Christmas sales to bring your customers the best shopping experience. 

Discover Your Audience

The key to successful omnichannel retail doesn’t need you to be everywhere. Rather be anywhere your customers are. Your strategy should clearly define who your buyers are and divide them into groups to better develop different strategies for each of them. 

Let’s take an example of customer segmentation based on age. A survey of 1,002 millennials states that 60% do online shopping. Meanwhile, in another survey, 84% of the Baby Boomers participants prefer personal engagement in traditional stores when shopping. Also, 67% report that after looking at an item online, they would rather go to a local retailer to buy. Although 82% of the Boomers use social media, they are rooted in the brick-and-mortar stores they grew up with. 

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With an understanding of each age group’s preference, retailers could better prepare the capacity for their online and offline platforms for the specific crowd of customers during holiday sales.

Equip Your Employees

Apart from the devices and technological knowledge, company culture and communication across channels are also very important in an omnichannel strategy. During Christmas sales, a flock of customers come into the store, each wanting different things. 

Your employees will be overwhelmed with being asked many questions at the same time. Therefore, they won’t be able to serve any guests properly. Such a situation results in retailers having both unhappy employees and customers. 

Equip your employees

Ensuring transparent communication across platforms and an overview control of employees’ experience are some of the most important factors during holiday sales. A nice sweater online should be found easily by employees later in-store with the same color and design. 

Omnichannel is surely the way of the future. However, facilitating it with the lack of uniformity would backfire your organization, decreasing sales.  

Provide Consistent Content Across Platforms

No customer will be happy to find a cheap, nice shirt online only to figure out it’s sold out in-store. Maintaining the consistency between platforms is crucial and ConnectPOS could help you with that. 

With the design of instant synchronizations between orders and inventories, the system would immediately reflect whether an item is available. ConnectPOS system also offers personalized order management and a customized invoicing process, guaranteeing a smooth omnichannel experience to retailers during the upcoming holiday season

Our Best Wishes For You On Holiday Sales!

With these small tips above, ConnectPOS hopes to help retailers best utilize their omnichannel for successful Christmas sales. Despite the negative effects of the pandemic on the world economy, run your store during Holiday Sales this year are expected to rise up to 5.2% compared to last year. Hence, retailers need a smooth omnichannel system to provide their customers with a wonderful shopping experience. Not very confident with your store system? Contact us for better preparation for this year’s Christmas season!

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