Retail leasing 101: What you should know before renting a location Lana D February 24, 2022
Retail leasing 101: What you should know before renting a location
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It’s hard to think about how to develop a business. At what point is your business prepared for a devoted retail space? And how do you decide where to make a leasing contract? In the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, it may not be easy to find a space for retail leasing for your business. While many businesses are in various stages of closure, the pandemic has caused the retail leasing to fall down. 

Process of leasing a retail space 

The retail leasing process includes scouting potential locations, liaising with lessors, negotiating contract issues, and finally signing a retail leasing contract. These steps as above seem easy, but they are not. To make retail leasing for your business, there are many factors to be cautious and considered. Those are also factors that you need to pay attention to and discuss carefully in the contract with the lessor. Hence, we prepare the top 5 things you should put in consideration. 

Top 5 things to consider when leasing a location for your business

Price for retail leasing

Price is a key factor when leasing a location. Considering whether your leasing is worth it is something any tenant needs to do. Price considerations are not only for retail lessors, but tenants also need to consider their budget. The retail rental location must really fit their budget to ensure they will not be stressed when operating their business. 

Convenience points

Today’s customers value convenience and comfort, so you need to lease a location where there are convenient points for customers to park or perform utility services when needed. Besides, when doing leasing, you also need to pay attention to the front of the store because that is the first image that attracts customers. 

Additional expenses

Depending on your leasing area, in expansion to essential utilities, you ought to pay for garden upkeep, security, cleaning, and squander transfer administrations. Some of these administrations may be included, so it’s best to inquire so you’ve got a clear thought and can budget accordingly.

Regional security when retail leasing

When leasing for your retail store, you should eliminate commercial spaces located in areas with high crime rates, in other words, low security areas. Leasing in that area not only puts you at greater risk of theft but it can also reduce traffic and lead to higher marketing costs.

Competition and Neighbors

You also need to keep an eye on your neighbors and the competition. The question you should ask and find out is whether nearby tenants or neighbors will compete or support your business.


In today’s situation, it’s really hard to find a perfect place suitable to do business due to many reasons such as price, utilities and other vital factors. In any case, you need to do thorough research before starting and implementing retail leasing.Now, contact us to find more information about this aspect!

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