What’s the real cost of running a WooCommerce store? Huong Vu October 15, 2023

What’s the real cost of running a WooCommerce store?

What's the real cost of running a WooCommerce store?

WooCommerce is famous for its free software, which means significant savings. But you should know that regarding WooCommerce pricing, there are a few fees related to operating a new store. What is the real cost of running a shop here? Read below for the answer.

Domain & hosting costs

Please account for these factors when picking a host:

First, the number of sites on your server. In case you utilize a shared hosting plan, please bear in mind that you will have resources distributed between every one of the other sites on the same server. An excessive number of websites are likely to reduce the processing speed of things, particularly during rush hours. 

Second, is excellent customer support available? In case you ever encounter issues, is customer support staff available to assist you? Account for live chats, calls, and other popular support methods and inquire about whether there are fees for additional support. If yes, these can add up to your WooCommerce pricing.

Third, how about security qualities? Find for email spam filters, backups automated, and so on. 

Fourth, how about the server uptime? As you may know, uptime means the time during which your site and servers are operating (measured as the percentage of the time). The percentage should be as high as it can be.

Fifth, the speed. The host you pick contributes to whether your website is fast or not. For example, you can check customer experiences by looking at feedback.

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Sixth, scalability. Along with the growth of your website, the hosting plan should also be able to get upgraded.

WooCommerce pricing for themes

In case you have utilized WordPress before, you would understand that there are many free themes and a lot of them have been optimized for WooCommerce. In case you prefer free themes, we suggest opting for a well-maintained one friendly to WooCommerce. For example, choose one working with the newest WooCommerce version.

You can also choose to purchase a theme partly because of the limited functions of free themes, adding to your WooCommerce pricing. The cost of paid themes is usually between 20 USD to 100 USD annually.

Managing the online shop: Woocommerce pricing

There are a few main functions involved in digital store management, online stores, such as payment gateways and delivery, and you need to pay some for each of them. For example, WooCommerce generally offers options for local pickup, free delivery, as well as flat-rate delivery. Also, different payment gateways have different structures as well as fees. 

Security, SEO & communication costs

There are some costs to extensions that enable you to provide your payment gateways, checkout, delivery, and so on with more functionality, increasing your WooCommerce pricing. For example, Yoast and other SEO tools offer capacity and suggestions to enhance how high your website can rank on the search engine. In general, they provide free options and there are upgrade plans that you need to pay for. 

In conclusion, above, we have answered the question, “What is the real cost of running a WooCommerce store?” Contact us for further help with WooCommerce pricing.

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