How POS Support Buying Bulk Order? ConnectPOS Content Creator October 8, 2023

How POS Support Buying Bulk Order?

Buying Bulk Orders

Buying bulk order items involves more than just stocking up on toilet paper, contrary to common assumptions. While it may appear to sell thousands of good deals with unbelievable prices, retailers need to know how to use POS to meet the customers’ requirements during this crazy shopping time.

What does buying bulk mean?

Buying in bulk entails purchasing big amounts of a single commodity at once. For example, you can buy ten boxes of batteries at once for a fraction of the cost of buying them separately.

While the purpose of buying bulk order items may be to acquire as much as possible for the least amount of money, the fact is that your primary goal should be to reduce your cost per unit. You can compare pricing between brands and merchants this way.

Customers will need a lot of information about promotions to know when is the best time to buy thousands of items. So it’s a lot better if your store is running a POS which is 24/7 ready online and offline. 

How does POS support buying in bulk orders?

With customers

Various payment methods

It is not a good idea to force the buyers, without any other option, to use their credit cards. Knowing how to budget is an important part of learning how to buy in bulk for the shoppers. Bulk purchases can save money in the long term. 

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Many customers have calculated a lot in advance and spent a certain amount of money on all the items they plan to buy. Let them pay in the way that best suits their plan. Also for the shop owners, multiple payment methods can save a lot of time and effort. 

Use available coupons

When buying bulk items, coupons might save quite a lot of money. So it is preferable to have some promotional coupons presented on the online POS. Customers will love the experience of taking a few minutes to look for coupons online or in the store catalog before entering a shopping trip. What’s even better is that they can save a couple of coupons and combine them with an in-store discount to obtain great value.

For retailers

Inventory management 

When the number of customers who love buying bulk items does not decrease, while the number of products needed to sell is extremely large, the shopkeepers need to carefully keep track of orders and stocks. Therefore, a POS system, which can scan barcodes and update data from both your online and offline businesses, is the first solution to control inventory. 

Instant data update 

Retailers might find it perfect to run their store when Orders, Inventory, Customers, and Products are all automatically updated between the POS system and website. Many POS systems support both online and offline states, so even when not connected to the internet, the store managers still can execute some basic tasks offline. After that, data will be updated when the Internet connection is back.

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ConnectPOS is a software with all the above features, not to mention the stock numbers that are automatically updated cross-warehouse or the suggested design layout for optimum warehouse arrangement sites.


To handle the buying bulk time, every merchant needs to choose the most suitable POS for their store to get the highest revenue. If you are wondering about this issue, call us immediately for informative advice and the best solution.

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