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Must-Have Point Of Sales Items For Retail Businesses

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To adapt to the constantly changing market, a modern POS system should combine powerful hardware and software. It is a must that their features can cover the entire retail business including sales process, inventory management, customer services, etc. Hence, before purchasing any POS system, retailers should consider what point-of-sale items they seek.

This article will inform you about necessary point of sales items in a standard POS system.

Hardware components

Touchscreen monitor 

Nowadays, you can easily notice touchscreen monitors or tablets in almost every brick-and-mortar store. The reason for their popular usage is due to their user-friendly interface as well as cost-effectiveness. Additionally, unlike bulky monitors or cash registers, these devices do not take up much space and allow staff-customer interaction.

Cash drawer

The cash drawer is one of the most familiar point-of-sales items in brick-and-mortar stores. In fact, a cash drawer has been used since the early days of the retail industry. This device plays the role of supporting the cash payment process and revenue calculation. Nowadays, retailers can integrate modern software into their cash drawers to protect their sales process from unexpected frauds or loss of money.

Credit card terminal 

Nowadays, more and more people prefer purchasing with credit cards rather than cash. Hence, another necessity in every physical store is credit card terminals, usually provided as a typical POS hardware set component. In particular, businesses can also enhance their customer services if the credit card terminals can accept both physical cards and contactless payments.

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Receipt printer

Physical stores use this device in order to print receipts, bills, purchase orders, etc at the end of every transaction. Customers can use this information to track their purchased items, and expenses as well as ask for return or exchange services. To illustrate, buyers may encounter possible problems such as damaged items or counting mistakes. In those cases, they can bring their receipt to cashiers and ask to return or exchange it. Information in their receipts such as transaction date, total amount, or specific purchased items will let cashiers identify the mistakes and quickly solve them.

Barcode scanner

A Barcode scanner is a device that is able to scan for product information by using barcodes. This device has made great contributions to streamline and smoothen the checkout process physically by getting rid of manual mistakes and maximizing business efficiency.

Software components

POS software

POS software will run the system and connect hardware components with cloud tasks. A robust POS software can not only support retailers to upgrade the sales process but also every other aspect of retail business such as inventory management, supply chain, customer relationship management, etc. It is highly recommended that retailers choose cloud POS software rather than on premise POS due to its flexibility in customizing and upgrading.

Server and power source 

A strong server is a must since it provides retailers with access to tools and features that smoothen and improve software usage. 

Choosing a robust POS system for your business

If you are interested in POS software, perhaps, you may have known of various POS systems provided on the market with different features and different prices. In general, every POS system can basically support the in-store sales process. Yet, a powerful POS system will benefit retailers so much more than that as I have mentioned above. Therefore, it is important that retailers can choose a POS partner that can fit it with the business and fulfil every requirement.

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Our POS system – ConnectPOS is a leading POS system that has been supporting more than 2000 businesses worldwide. This solution is believed to stand out from most similar solutions thanks to its ability to connect with the most popular eCommerce platform and payment gateways. Also, ConnectPOS is compatible with many POS hardware devices. In particular, we also provide retailers with modern POS hardware and allow them to customize the system based on their needs. We offer a 14 day free trial for every retail business that wants to experience our global standard solution.

Final thought,

POS systems are a major determinant in today’s retail business.  With robust software along with the modern point of sales items, retailers will be able to upgrade their processes and evaluate their business performance. Contact us to get a POS system today!

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