Make the most of the Magento mobile POS Huong Vu October 15, 2023

Make the most of the Magento mobile POS

Make the most of the Magento mobile POS

According to a report, more than 60% of online orders were generated from mobile devices. This piece of statistics implied huge opportunities for online shops on mobile device channels. To seize such opportunities, you need to make the most of the Magento mobile POS known as cloud and portable POS software that runs on wireless and handheld devices like laptops and phones. Here are the ways.

Find a suitable Magento mobile POS for your business

As for Magento, a powerful POS solution always plays a big part in operating online stores. There are various great POS extensions offered by Magento, one of which is ConnectPOS. ConnectPOS enables real-time stock and POS device sync. It works with PC and mobile devices alike. 

Ensure compatibility with both Android and iOS

Speaking of the new Magento mobile POS adoption, you should see that the software and hardware work smoothly together. Should you count on an iOS-based point of sale solution, you will get fewer hardware options that only work on iOS devices. The same goes for Android-based POS.

The ideal option is to use a mobile POS compatible with all operating systems and modern devices. Plus, this mobile point of sale should allow you to customize and scale your systems.

Provide various helpful Magento mobile POS features

A vital feature of an mPOS solution is stock control that handles reordering and keeps daily manual stock counting automatic. Also, it is great if this software can collect informative consumer data and create insightful reports, being advantageous for devising marketing strategies and loyalty programs.

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Support PWA App

This app is increasingly popular because of the evolution of eCommerce and customer behavior changes during and after the Coronavirus pandemic. The significant perk of the PWA App is that it enables shoppers to find products themselves and minimize plenty of time on online purchasing. Besides, it is an advanced approach for you to boost the conversion rate of your business with the capability of promoting personalized pricing programs and pushing notifications. 

Use a secure system

Because your Magento mobile POS system stores a myriad of sensitive personal information of customers, you need to see to it that the system is kept from mobile malware and unauthorized access, to name a few. Simply put, security should be high on your priority list concerning mobile system optimization. 

Aside from proper point-of-sale security technologies, the applications should come with the trusted incident response (IR) and security monitoring services. For example, the security measures are defining threats, continuous responses to potential security issues, monitoring activities associated with Magento mobile POS, and notifying persons in charge in case of any breach.In conclusion, we hope the tips above help you make the most of the Magento mobile POS. Should you be in the market for a feature-packed mobile point of sale system, ConnectPOS is indeed your fit. Call us now and enjoy a free trial using our global standard point of sale solution.

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