5 Magento POS Trends You Cannot Miss in 2023 ConnectPOS Content Creator October 12, 2023

5 Magento POS Trends You Cannot Miss in 2023

Magento POS Trends

As an open-source eCommerce platform, Magento has aided online retailers in growing and providing a consistent shopping experience for their customers. Let’s take a look at 5 Magento POS trends that are predicted to flourish in 2023.

Free Shipping and Speedy Delivery

There is now a disconnect between customer expectations and COVID reality. Despite the fact that consumers are conducting more shopping online, they still want access to their products as quickly as feasible. They anticipate faster delivery than ever before, and several online businesses, such as Amazon, have made significant investments in this area.

Then, free delivery might be a deal-breaker. If they are offered the option of free shipping, 90% of customers said they would purchase online more frequently. Furthermore, 24% of buyers say that they would spend more to have free shipping. Companies that offer free delivery have a 20% greater conversion rate than those who do not.

Greater Use of In-Store Self-checkout and Contactless Payment

According to the Verizon Look Forward report, self-checkout is now used by 23% of respondents. Mobile payment systems have even replaced static POS counters in certain establishments, which will become a Magento POS trend in 2023.

Contactless payment is expected to grow in popularity after 2021. Consumers have now seen the benefits of this new paying method and continued to demand access. Many shopkeepers choose ConnectPOS to support their self-service solution and improve the customer experience.

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Push Notification is the next Magento POS trend

Push notifications are SMS messages that you may send to your clients in order to raise awareness and encourage them to interact with you more. Push notifications are preferred by about 44% of iOS users and 91% of Android users.

The push notification extension of Magento allows you to communicate with your consumers directly through their browsers, without clogging their inboxes. You can keep your consumers informed about your special offers, discounts, new items, or promotions, as well as develop a solid relationship with them.

Use of Voice Search and Personal Assistants

Voice-based searches have grown popular as a result of the increased use of digital assistants such as Alexa and Siri. This Magento POS trend is simple to use, quick, and convenient.

Compatible devices can use the Voice search capability to capture users’ inquiries in the form of voice. After that, it analyzes the language and provides the appropriate answer. By 2022, voice searches will account for almost half of all Internet purchases.

On sites like Pinterest, people undertake over 600 million visual searches every month. Because visual search is based on digital image processing, it allows you to search by picture. It is one of the characteristics that people utilize to look up landmarks or obtain directions. Visual search, on the other hand, is becoming increasingly popular on online eCommerce sites.

Magento has included this functionality, allowing consumers to store an image of an item they like and use it to search for a comparable item to buy. It aids online business owners in expanding their capabilities and attracting the desired audience.

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In short

Above are some Magento POS trends that retailers should understand to adapt well to changes in the next few years. If you want to know more about how to reasonably apply those trends to your business, give us a call immediately to receive the best advice!

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