Magento Migration: What data can be migrate to Magento? Steven P October 31, 2022
Magento Migration: What data can be migrate to Magento?
Magento Migration: What data can be migrate to Magento?

Data migration is an essential requirement of most businesses implementing omnichannel retail. One of the platforms they choose the most for omnichannel retail is Magento, so it’s essential to learn about how data can migrate in Magento. In this article, we would like to give you specific information about Magento migration and what data can be migrated to Magento.

Overview of Magento Migration

Data migration is the process of moving data between data storage systems, data formats, or between computer systems. A data migration project is usually implemented in cases such as replacing or upgrading servers or data storage devices, integrating websites, maintaining servers and moving data centers.

Magento migration is the migration of data on the Magento platform. It refers to four components which are data, extensions and custom code, themes, and customizations. Magento Migration is the ultimate solution that helps businesses move from more than 120 shopping carts to Magento (now becoming Adobe Commerce) with simple steps to transfer automatically and securely those important data such as products, customers, orders, passwords, etc. This migration ensures seamless, no downtime on your existing store.

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Magento Migration: What data can be migrate to Magento?

What data can be migrated to Magento?

Data types

When connecting your store to Magento, the first thing you need to pay attention to is what data can be migrated to Magento. The types of data that you can conduct Magento migration are usually data about Products, Product Categories, Manufacturers, Taxes, Customers, Orders, Coupons, Reviews, Multistore, CMS Pages, and Multiple Languages.

In particular, businesses need to pay attention to migrating product data. Product information, SKUs, images, prices, weight, quantity, and the stock availability of products need to be migrated to ensure seamless sales and customers can easily choose and make purchasing decisions goods quickly.

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Magento Migration: What data can be migrate to Magento?

Moreover, for your store to be better served, it is necessary to move and aggregate all customer data. Such data must include basic customer information (ID, Name, Email, Customer Group, Gender, Date of Birth, Passwords, Created Date) and purchase history, delivery history to the address to ensure referrals and provide the best support to customers on subsequent purchases.

Data Migration Tool

To perform migration on Magento, businesses need the aid of Data Migration Tools. These tools need to ensure support for businesses to migrate all the data quickly, securely, and at an affordable price for the business. Magento provides very detailed documentation and instructions for using the data migration tool. These tools will allow businesses to move new information into your store on Magento. Businesses can completely install them for free or choose paid tools with more advanced features depending on their needs.

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ConnectPOS is a great tool that can help businesses easily migrate data on Magento thanks to its integration with Magento. It’s easy for businesses to move safely and easily with the features ConnectPOS offers that make the operation seamless.

Magento Migration: What data can be migrate to Magento?


Magento migration brings many benefits to businesses and business stores in better management and service. If you need Magento affiliate support, contact us.

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