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3 Common Magento Inventory Tracking Problems

Magento Inventory Tracking Problems

Inventory must be one of the most essential and complicated problems that every Magento retailer has to deal with. Inventory management is the process of tracking eCommerce, which requires a collection of techniques and strategies for storing, tracking, ordering inventory or stock and delivery. During this process, many Magento inventory tracking problems might arise. 

In this article, we will go further on those problems to assist Magento retailers in dealing with them.

Common Magento inventory tracking problems

Overstock, understock, and deadstock

It can be challenging to strike the right balance between overstocking and understocking products in your inventory. To be more detailed, overstock is reported when retailers keep more goods than the real quantity that can sell in a reasonable amount of time. If retailers are reported to face understock, they might not be able to receive more orders to fulfil their stock demand. Finally, deadstock refers to items that can’t be sold for several reasons. 

Businesses can avoid these problems by implementing an inventory management plan that thoroughly understands sales patterns and how demand for various products varies seasonally.

Manual record data

In an attempt to manually control inventory, some companies use spreadsheets. This method will work if you have a limited stock but is not realistic at large scale. You’ll find it difficult if you are trying to handle more than a few hundred things manually.

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Human error is also a concern of manual inventory control. Employees who enter an SKU incorrectly or incorrectly count the number of items in stock will cause an inventory management system to miscount things.

Inventory management systems that are automated can help companies prevent these pitfalls. It reduces data entry errors and miscounts by scanning objects automatically as they pass through the inventory.

Challenges with the supply chain

Supply chain management always plays a crucial role in maximizing the value of retail businesses. Although businesses typically have little control over their supply chains, they must do everything possible to ensure that delays do not prevent them from fulfilling orders. Unreliable suppliers deliver goods late or supply the incorrect items put you at risk of running out of inventory.

Automate your process by adopting POS system

Technological developments in recent years have produced huge impacts on retail businesses. The POS system is one of those out-of-box technological solutions that support businesses dealing with these Magento inventory tracking problems. The advantage of the POS is that it can work as a very powerful inventory management tool, which can help you keep track of your stock levels during the entire sales process. 

ConnectPOS is one of the leading cloud-based POS systems, which allows businesses to access real-time synchronized inventory. This means that the data between your online and physical store is constantly updated and monitored in real time. As a result, retailers can timely identify possible issues and make adjustments to improve the inventory management process.

ConnectPOS by Connect Retail

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Magento inventory tracking problems commonly arise in the retail industry, which bears a burden on store owners. Hence, it is highly recommended that retailers consider integrating POS systems into commerce to effectively keep track of and develop the business in the current competitive market.

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