Keep your inventory in sync across every sales channel with CBD POS Huong Vu September 30, 2023

Keep your inventory in sync across every sales channel with CBD POS

Keep your inventory in sync across every sales channel with CBD POS

For retailers, maintaining a synchronized inventory across sales channels off-site is important. This helps businesses have the ability to respond to customers better and faster. Along with that, administrators can track and control inventory through the online store and in a single place. Currently, many retailers are looking for different solutions to make this work. Therefore, in this article, we would like to introduce a tool that helps keep your inventory in sync across every sales channel, which is CBD POS (point of sale).

What is inventory synchronization?

Inventory synchronization is the process of collecting, storing, and controlling real-time inventory data across all sales channels as transactions occur on each. This happens to show the correct inventory across sales channels when the items are sold and shows the product quantities available to customers and e-retailers across all stores channels. In particular, for inventory synchronization, eCommerce retailers must have data from shopping platforms related to orders and products so they can track product sales. Synchronization starts here. After the sale is completed, the software will update the remaining quantity of products and goods for easy control by users or buyers.

Keep your inventory in sync across every sales channel with CBD POS

To synchronize your inventory across all sales channels with CBD POS, the system needs to have access to order and product-related data from all the shopping platforms that customers visit, whether it’s a physical store, a pop-up store, or an online store. With order and product data, the CBD POS software can track the sales of a particular store and also update the number of products available on other channels. In addition, the POS system is used to retrieve and manage data to track sold-out products. This will help stores ensure that they always have stock to serve customers through correct shopping decisions. 

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Moreover, synchronizing inventory across platforms through integrated tools will help managers come up with appropriate marketing programs. Hence, the development of API (Application Programming Interface) integration between eCommerce software and popular platforms like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, commercetools, and so on is an essential part of the inventory synchronization process.

To accomplish the above purposes, the seller needs to find a tool capable of supporting the implementation.

ConnectPOS is a perfect CBD POS that offers support for keeping inventory in sync across all sales channels. This leading cloud POS system offers powerful features for complete order fulfillment, inventory management, and customer management. Notably, its centralized data feature combined with the multi-source inventory solution will result in a fast, accurate synchronization process. This POS solution supports businesses in many fields including CBD; it offers 24/7 support from consultants to help stores find the most suitable solution. In addition, fast and secure payment support allows customers to purchase quickly and enhance the experience.


Choosing a suitable CBD POS will help your business achieve maximum efficiency. In particular, the support of these systems with keeping inventory synced across all sales channels will allow businesses to grow and expand further. If you are looking for the best and most full-featured system, feel free to contact us.

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