Is It Necessary To Clear Cache? ConnectPOS Content Creator September 22, 2021

Is It Necessary To Clear Cache?

Clear Cache

“Cache” is a familiar component that boosts web load speed and facilitates web movements. At times, users are suggested to clear the cache regularly. There are two types of clearing cache: clean and flush. 

Yet, is it necessary to clear the cache? And what are the differences between the terms clean cache and flush cache?

What is cache?

In computing, “cache” is a high-speed data storage layer that temporarily retains data. With cache, if users request stored data in the future, the websites will serve up faster by accessing the data in storage. 

Since cache allows people to reuse data, it will help reduce the amount of time to access new data, as a result, it will boost web loading speed and make it more convenient for web visitors

Why should users clear caches? 

Since temporary data will be stored in caches, clearing cache will help users save storage space and remove unnecessary items. In addition, if your device needs to be reset, clearing cache is what you have to do.

How cache flushing differs from cache cleaning?

In general, when users clean the cache, only items from the enabled cache are removed. In other words, when cache cleaning, users will not affect other data or applications since they only decide to clear the cache.

Meanwhile, when users flush the cache, that means the whole type of cache will be removed resulting that other data, as well as applications stored in that cache, will all disappear.

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How to clear cache in Magento?

There are two simple ways to clear cache in Magento: via Admin Panel or Command Line

Via Admin Panel

  • First, go to the Admin Panel, choose System and then click Cache Management.
  • Determine which cache types to be cleared.
  • Collect determined Cache Types 
  • Click Refresh button and end up the process by Submit

* If you want to flush cache instead of clean cache, you can directly click Flush Magento Cache or Flush Cache Storage.

Via Command Line

If you choose to use this manual method, the following commands can help you

  • For Cleaning Magento Cache, use command: php bin/magento cache:clean 

*  To clean specific cache types, you need to detail them (e.g reflection, block_html, collections, config, db_ddl, layout,  eav, etc)

  • For Flushing Magento Cache, use command: php bin/magento cache:flush

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