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Introduction To 10 Biggest Department Store Companies

10 biggest department store companies

The department store industry is booming globally, with the world’s leading department stores contributing to its growth. With explosive growth expected in the coming years, more and more department stores are opening up worldwide. In this article, we introduce the 10 biggest department store companies in this industry.

Top 10 Biggest Department Store Companies

These are the top 10 department store companies, offering exceptional customer service, diverse merchandise, and expansive floors, elevating shopping to an art form.


Macy’s is a towering figure in the department store sector, with roots stretching back to 1858. As the world’s largest chain store by revenue, Macy’s operates over 507 locations globally (as of Jan 2024) and leads the pack in sales.

Renowned for a comprehensive product lineup including fashion, beauty, home goods, and furniture, the store is also celebrated for its iconic Thanksgiving Day Parade and the grandeur of its flagship in Manhattan’s Herald Square. The company has been focusing on omnichannel retailing, enhancing both its in-person and online shopping experiences with digital technology to stay ahead in the competitive retail market.

Kohl’s Corporation

Kohl’s Corporation, with its roots dating back to 1962, has risen to become a leading department store chain in the United States, boasting over 1,100 stores.

Known for its value-oriented approach to retail, Kohl’s offers a variety of products including exclusive clothing lines and home goods. The company’s Kohl’s Cash program incentivizes customer loyalty through rewards on purchases.

Kohl’s also maintains partnerships with high-profile brands and designers, giving customers access to exclusive collaborations.

El Corte Inglés

El Corte Inglés, headquartered in Madrid, Spain, is a distinguished name in European retail, with a significant number of department stores mainly in Spain and Portugal.

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This Spanish retail juggernaut offers an extensive array of products, from high-end fashion and accessories to electronics and groceries. With a focus on quality and superior customer service, El Corte Inglés has become a household name, known for housing luxury brands like Hermès, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci.

Moreover, its commitment to creating a multifaceted shopping destination is evident in its inclusion of supermarkets, travel agencies, and other services within its sprawling stores.


Sears is a well-known American store that started in 1892. At its zenith, it was a retail behemoth, known for its extensive range of products, from chic apparel to practical appliances, cutting-edge electronics to home essentials, and even automotive goods. The Sears brand extended through various store formats, including the Sears Grand and Sears Travel, each tailored to meet specific consumer needs.

It used to be one of the biggest stores in the U.S. However, recent decades have seen Sears grappling with financial hurdles, store closures, and challenges adapting to the digital era and shifting consumer trends.

Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer (M&S), a bastion of British retail, has been serving customers since 1884. With over 1064 stores across the UK (updated 2023) and a presence of 405 stores in other countries, M&S has built its reputation on the pillars of quality and value.

The company’s diverse product range spans fashionable attire, quality home products, and premium food items. Loyal customers have long associated M&S with high standards and ethical practices, a reputation the company continues to uphold.

As M&S adapts to modern retailing, it has placed a strong emphasis on expanding its online footprint, embracing sustainability, and maintaining ethical sourcing, positioning itself as not just a retailer, but a responsible corporate citizen in the eyes of its consumers.

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Isetan Mitsukoshi

Isetan Mitsukoshi is Japan’s largest department store group, known for its luxury goods and exceptional customer service.

With more than 50 stores in Japan and globally, the group provides a high-end shopping experience, offering everything from designer fashion to gourmet food. It’s a place where tradition meets modernity, with stores often featuring a blend of classic and contemporary styles.

The group has taken its successful formula overseas, with stores in major cities around the world, and continues to innovate by hosting cultural events and offering services tailored to international tourists. Isetan Mitsukoshi is a name synonymous with quality and elegance in Japanese retail.


Dillard’s, Inc. is an upscale American department store chain with a significant presence across 29 states, boasting roughly 282 stores (as of Jan 2024).

With its roots tracing back to 1938 and its headquarters nestled in Little Rock, Arkansas, Dillard’s has built a reputation for offering a diverse selection of products, including trendy clothing, stylish accessories, beauty essentials, cozy home goods, and even furniture.

Known for its commitment to quality and customer service excellence, Dillard’s has been actively evolving with the times, embracing the shift towards online shopping and adjusting to the ever-changing preferences of its consumer base.

J. C. Penney

J.C. Penney, a name with deep roots in American retail since 1902, operates over 660 stores (as of Jan 2024) across the United States. The company provides a broad range of merchandise, such as fashion-forward clothing, accessories, home decor, and beauty products.

In recent years, J.C. Penney has encountered the headwinds of change, facing stiff competition and shifts in shopping habits. In response, the company is undergoing a transformation, which includes store closures, strategic exits from certain markets, and the introduction of new and trendy fashion lines, all in an effort to revitalize its brand and reconnect with consumers.

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Nordstrom, with a heritage dating back to 1901, is a prominent American department store chain with over 360 stores (in 2023) and a robust online presence.

This retailer is synonymous with a wide array of high-quality offerings, from clothing and shoes to beauty products and home accessories. Nordstrom’s acclaim comes from its exceptional customer service, dedication to a personalized shopping experience, and relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction.

The company has been proactively investing in digital innovation and enhancing its order fulfillment capabilities to stay ahead in the rapidly transforming retail sector, consistently earning recognition for its top-tier customer service.

Hudson’s Bay Company

The last on our list of top department store companies is a Canadian chain. Hudson’s Bay Company, known simply as “Hudson’s Bay,” is a hallmark of the Canadian retail industry. It boasts a wide array of stylish clothing, accessories, beauty products, and home décor.

Rooted deeply in Canadian history, Hudson’s Bay is dedicated to creating a shopping experience that delights customers with unique finds, tailored services, and products tailored to local tastes.

In a move to stay at the forefront of retail evolution, HBC has recently divided its operations, carving out its e-commerce platform “The Bay” to focus squarely on digital growth, while also continuing to enhance the customer experience in its physical stores. This strategic decision highlights HBC’s agility and commitment to serving the varied needs of today’s consumers through both its venerable Hudson’s Bay stores and its forward-looking online presence.


In conclusion, the endurance and resilience of the top department store companies underscore the critical importance of understanding and adapting to customer needs, pioneering innovative retail strategies, and relentlessly pursuing improvements. Each of these storied companies has navigated the complexities of an ever-changing retail landscape by staying customer-focused, embracing new technologies, and refining their approaches to both in-store and online shopping experiences.

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