7 inspiring microsite examples to grow your traffic Lana D May 30, 2022
7 inspiring microsite examples to grow your traffic

Microsites enable designers to be more creative than on the main website page. In this post, we have put together 7 inspiring microsite examples to grow your traffic.

What is a microsite?

Microsites are small websites or web pages designed to promote services, goods, or events of a business. Usually, they use a distinct (sub)domain from the firm’s main website and have links to that website. At the same time, they serve as the brand’s separate entity.

7 inspiring microsite examples to grow your traffic


Built by the Mellow Mushroom staff, this site works to advertise their burger menu’s new items. Thanks to the site, customers get the chance to join a contest where they were able to become the winner of a round trip to Denver. Plus, it has created the menu items as cute cartoon characters, which contributes to retaining site visitors.

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As one of the best microsite examples, the site made by Linda Dong assists in the effort of improving awareness of the Fracturing Responsibility and Awareness of Chemicals Act. Its design makes use of parallax to walk the visitors through the story of the risks resulting from hydraulic fracturing.


Coca-Cola rocks it when delivering a fantastic experience to its users using the beautiful GIFs. The site welcomes its visitors with a music video within 2 minutes. Notably, the video is set to an anthem sound made for the campaign purpose.


Include this site in your list of inspiring microsite examples. It was built to remind people of how many discussions on social media were continuing about junk food vs healthy ones. This microsite’s pages have beautifully created animations that keep visitors engaged.

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The Domino’s Pizza staff developed this site to increase users’ exposure to every one of the features brought to the table by their new DXP cars. The site provides users with amazing engagement as they can zoom in on various features offered by the vehicle.

EmojiTracker.com as one of the best microsite examples

Mathew Rothenberg built this website with the key purpose of keeping tabs on every emoji used on the Twitter platform. What sets it apart is that it includes only 2 Calls to Action – namely, “tweet” and “follow”. Moreover, the site does not include any links to other sites and complicated navigation bars. As simple as its design is, it still performs well.

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This list of the best microsite examples cannot be complete without this microsite. Made by the OfficeMax staff, this site stands out as it does not focus the campaign on the brand but on the customers. At the same time, they still manage to drive sales towards the video wrap-up by making use of coupons and promos.

In conclusion, we hope you find these 7 inspiring microsite examples useful for your next microsite development project. Grow your traffic with it and do not hesitate to call us to get more useful guidelines.

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