Increase employee satisfaction with better payroll calculation

Business owners understand that ensuring tasks are completed properly and timely is one of their responsibilities. Yet, always remember that a core business operation area is payroll. If you fail to deal with it the right way, your company would suffer from a considerable monetary aftermath and your employee satisfaction would decrease. So, see to it that you refer to the tips in this guide to calculate payroll satisfactorily.

Maintain transparency

Set up a payroll policy that defines clearly staff classifications, decided payment methods, payroll procedure, the way you fix related mistakes, and so on. We mean the policy should cover matters your staff want to know and had better have an idea of. We suggest including the information in your HR manual and stuff. This way, it becomes the standard throughout your firm.

Also, you may think about making a safe online portal accessible to staff. It covers info regarding their perks, paychecks, and some others to reassure them about their salary. It is likewise considerate and transparent of you to include frequently asked questions answered. This way allows staff to help themselves with what they wish to know.

Assess and classify your staff

More often than not, the HR category has non-exempt and exempt workers. Both of them come with varied techniques to calculate payroll. So, it is significant to specify the payroll schedule, to begin with for these two categories. Given that diversity, you had better plan it as to the time to start and wrap up the process in a manner that does not impede the others.

Look into payroll laws

Of course, if your company failed to be compliant, it could not be long-standing. With compliance, you work to make certain that your employees receive the perks that are rightful to them.

There are a lot of manpower schemes set by the government. These make sure about your staff’s medical and social security that your firm is not permitted to breach. Following the legal regulations also increases the employees’ impression of your company’s business ethics. 

Make use of technology to calculate payroll

An employee management system in point of sale with payroll automation works to assist your company in a lot of ways. It enables faster and simpler salary calculation, increased timekeeping salary, and more effortless and accurate tax deduction calculation. The solution also leads to enhanced record-keeping with reduced clutter and supports financial planning for staff and employers alike. 

But that is not all. The system from a leading POS provider like ConnectPOS does not only have these features but also provides detailed reports about revenue based on the cashier. With them, you can calculate each staff’s KPI-based commission.

Keep accounting records when you calculate payroll

A firm’s significant function is to pay staff with the contribution to the corporate growth. Because each company’s functions are under the rules specified by the government, it should monitor and record its payroll. The accounting records will be useful during the audit.


We hope these tips to calculate payroll are of help to your business. If you have any other questions about them and the staff management system, feel free to reach us.

Lana D

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