How to use POS machine: A beginner’s guide for South African businesses Steven P August 10, 2022
How to use POS machine: A beginner’s guide for South African businesses

In modern life, cashless shopping is becoming more and more popular. The form of payment via POS machine helps to reduce risks and support a fast transaction process. Therefore, it is popular with businesses and businesses in South Africa are no exception. In this article, we provide information about POS machines in South Africa and how a new business uses a POS machine.

What is a POS machine?

A POS machine refers to a handheld electronic device that allows businesses and merchants to accept card payments for products and services from customers at a store location. POS machines also allow mobile money dealers to perform all banking services for customers and earn a certain commission for each transaction.

How does the POS machine work?

When activated for use, shoppers can use their ATM or debit card to pay with their PIN, which is individually set up when opening accounts at banks. The merchant account will be credited and there will be a debit notice on the payer’s account. When paying, the business will ask the payer to accept the payment price and through the bank, the amount will be paid to the seller immediately.

The POS machine works like a phone and will require a special SIM to connect, however, the processing is supported by interbank transfer systems such as Etranzact or InterSwitch.

How to use POS machine for South African businesses

The use of a card machine

It can be seen that the most circulated POS machine today is the card machine. Most POS machine in South Africa is also this type of machine. There are different types of machines, but payment methods all work the same way.

To take payment by card machine, first of all, the cashier needs to enter the transaction amount into the machine and press enter. For contactless transactions, customers simply swipe their card through the machine and the transaction will be processed automatically or when it comes to chip & pin transactions, the staff will ask the customer to insert the card machine. Customers will have to confirm the amount they will pay and enter a pin code to complete. Successful payment is when the staff checks and prints the receipt for the customer, at this time, the customer’s card will be returned and the machine will print a second copy of the merchant’s receipt for safekeeping.

The use of EPOS (electronic point of sale)

The increasingly popular POS machine South Africa is EPOS (electronic point of sale). It’s a device that does all the work for you, so to receive payments with EPOS, employees just need to enter all the products into it for customers to pay quickly and easily. This starts with scanning the product’s barcode and the price will automatically update. For card payments, the amount is sent directly to the built-in card machine that works, or if cash is paid, the money is collected by the staff and kept in a safe. After payment, the customer will be issued a receipt.

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How to use POS machine: A beginner's guide for South African businesses


The use of POS machine South Africa is increasingly popular. Its convenience helps businesses bring many benefits. If you need an optimal POS combination software, feel free to contact us.

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