How to use BigCommerce website builder tools Huong Vu October 15, 2023

How to use BigCommerce website builder tools

How to use BigCommerce website builder tools

BigCommerce is a powerful platform useful for you to build an online storefront for your business. In this post, we shall present how to use BigCommerce website builder tools.

BigCommerce Website Customization

You should use the helpful set of editing tools in the BigCommerce website builder for your site customization.

Selecting a Theme Style

Here, ensure that you grasp the kind of color palette you desire to use for your site. Then, adjust the theme.

Tailoring Columns & Layouts with BigCommerce Website Builder

Select your desired quantity of columns within a section. Also, select the column layout, padding, and margin pixels you want. 

Customizing the Footer & Header 

Make sure they emphasize your business’ important information. For example, select which partner logos you wish to showcase in the footer. 

Customizing Other Homepage Elements with BigCommerce Website Builder

In this step, you can choose the entire quantity of products you want to feature on the homepage of the website. Also, decide on the quantity of “new” and “best seller” items within that entire quantity.

Customizing Options for Product Display 

Select the display settings you like better. For example, these can be product measurements, product feedback, product tab descriptions, and so on.

Customizing Icon & Button Settings

Appealing CTA buttons will usually be convertible. In this step, you select the buttons’ color settings. For example, choose the disabled, secondary, and primary buttons aside from icons of social media channels.

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Customizing Checkout Page Settings

Here, you select colors for all the checkout page’s features. For instance, work on its input fields, action buttons, promotion banners, and so on.

BigCommerce Website Builder: Using Widgets for Your Website Functionality Expansion 

Widgets are useful for expanding the website capacity and increasing visitor engagement. 

Adding Text

Here, you can edit the text style, color, size, font family, etc. Also, you can work on the padding and margin pixels. 

Adding Quality Images

In the Widgets menu, choose the Image icon. Then, drag and drop it to where you wish it to show up. 

Adding Your Hero Banner

In this step, you select an appealing title for the hero banner. Also, make a clearly expressed description for the CTA button.

Adding Your Carousel

Here, you can select the text and images of your carousel. Please choose with care so that it can assist in increasing visitor engagement.

Adding Videos

Videos are useful for delivering a visually great experience for your website visitors. In the Widgets menu, you choose the Video icon. Drag and drop it to where you wish it to show up. Insert a link to the external video.

Adding CTA Buttons

In the Widgets menu, you choose the Button icon. Drag and drop it to where you wish it to show up. In the URL field, you insert a link.

In conclusion, we hope that this post has helped you learn how to use BigCommerce website builder tools. For more valuable information about using BigCommerce to contribute to the growth of your business, call us right now. 

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