How Is ConnectPOS Different From Other Magento POS Systems? ConnectPOS Content Creator September 24, 2023

How Is ConnectPOS Different From Other Magento POS Systems?

ConnectPOS Different From Other Magento POS

ConnectPOS is a robust cloud-based point of sale (POS) system for many types of business. ConnectPOS Magento POS works with mobile devices and PC, which provides you with a leading Magento POS extension that aligns seamlessly with the nature of the platform. Most retailers trust Magento where ConnectPOS is running globally as it stands out as the best.

ConnectPOS main features

  • Allow customers to buy online and pay in-store
  • Compatible with both PC and mobile devices
  • Partner with a variety of payment gateways
  • Have 24/7 helpline services
  • Have updated and detailed report system
  • Support multi-store and multi-warehouse management
  • Have no hidden fees
  • Include AI Facial recognition
  • Provide interactive second screen for customers

What makes ConnectPOS Magento POS stands out?

Real-time synchronization

While using ConnectPOS Magento POS, all data including the tax information, inventory, customer, product information and other settings synch in real-time. If you do not have an internet connection, your data will be auto synchronized when you are back online. This prevents you from losing your data. In addition, it also enables you to keep updated records of the business, which makes your business run smoothly without inconveniences brought by being offline.

Compatible with PC and mobile

ConnectPOS Magento POS is not only compatible with mobile devices but also with almost every hardware device that is available in the market.  This gives you a chance to choose the best hardware device that can fit your business needs.

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PWA Consumer app

The ConnectPOS app enables all customers to scan codes such as QR or barcodes. By scanning the codes, customers get an opportunity of checking out the products that are in stock and the ones that are out of stock. The portability and convenience of an app can help customers to choose their products to buy. Scanning the QR and barcodes also ensures that the products remain protected and closely monitored.

Integrate with top tiers payment gateways

ConnectPOS Magento POS partners with a number of top tiers payment gateways all over the world such as PayPal, Moneris, Stripe, iZettle, Authorise.Net among others. Some of these payment gateways are available in most countries all over the world, with which the customers can pay with just a few clicks. 

Receiving your money through these payment gateways ensures that your money is secured in an environment that eliminates human error. In addition, it also allows the use of cash and credit cards, which makes the shopping experience easier and faster according to the specific needs of different customers.

ConnectPOS Magento POS partners with a number of top tiers payment gateways all over the world

Multi-location management

ConnectPOS Magento POS allows you to monitor the transition in between stores and their status easily. When you are using this system, you can also check and transfer the stocks in different warehouses, or get a variety of warehouses to choose from under the same bill. Moreover, you can easily manage a number of stores and warehouses at the same time. ConnectPOS is a point-of-sale provider in Magento and many other e-commerce platforms. Contact us if you have any questions.

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