How BigCommerce Features Support Omnichannel Stores? ConnectPOS Content Creator September 24, 2023

How BigCommerce Features Support Omnichannel Stores?

BigCommerce Features

BigCommerce is one of the leading e-commerce platforms that has supported more than 90,000 worldwide online stores. Many omnichannel businesses grow their e-commerce business and attain more profit thanks to BigCommerce features.

In the following blog post, we will help you better understand how BigCommerce features can support businesses to thrive in the recent market.

Get to know your potential customers

Without thoroughly understanding the target buyer, no marketing campaign will gain the expected results. Retailers must determine customer insight in advance of choosing which messaging best fits their needs.

Customer Surveys

Begin by identifying your ideal buyer persona, and retailers can follow these steps. Firstly, you should gather the consumer information such as geography, age, and shopping preferences, etc.

The information will help you learn more about your customers which kind of stores or platform they want to use, their expected price, quality, etc.

Pay attention to everyone on social media

Following identifying your target group, you must engage with them where they spend most of their time. Social media sites are also useful for this. Each social media platform serves a different function, so consider the most suitable one to your target customers. If you want to reach a young audience who are interested in fashion, Instagram is definitely a powerful option.

Generate email marketing

Retailers must optimize all digital marketing content for mobile devices and refine your websites. Email marketing should be simple to read, with intuitive images and short text. Thus, users on mobile devices can check the message easily and then follow the attached links to your website. 

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Support inventory and sales management

The point-of-sale is ideal for operating your operations if you have a physical store and an online store. The POS system provided by ConnectPOS, for example, will monitor and process all in-person purchases while also syncing with your BigCommerce omnichannel account. Your inventory will change automatically on both systems if an item sells online or in your shop.

Presence on the Internet

You can also handle your entire digital footprint from one location with BigCommerce omnichannel online shopping. Retailers are enabled to integrate websites with social media and popular e-commerce platforms such as Amazon. Regarding reports, you can monitor all data in one place to make accounting and other main functions easier.

Support customer service

Customer service always plays a crucial part in every retail business. In other words, retailers should assist the customer in resolving all issues.If you do receive negative feedback, however, make sure to answer politely and suggest a solution. Try to comprehend the customer’s complaint and provide a proper return or discount policy.

Bottom lines, 

Undoubtedly, BigCommerce features is an excellent open-source platform for every omnichannel retailer owning online stores. This platform offers wholesalers a variety of helpful features that can support them to smoothen their businesses and increase sales.

ConnectPOS is one of the best BigCommerce POS systems in today’s market. As a cloud-based POS, the system provides a seamless online-to-offline experience, improving customer satisfaction. More than 2,000 retailers worldwide have placed their trust in ConnectPOS to assist their business operations. The system is compatible with many devices, from PC (Windows, macOS) to mobile apps (Android, iOS). We offer a 14-day free trial for businesses paying attention to the outstanding solution. So, contact us now to experience our globally standard POS solution!

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