Offline mode Huong Vu September 15, 2023

Offline mode


POS offline mode assists retail businesses to maintain their sales process even when Internet access is suddenly unavailable. In other words, without the Internet connection, retailers are still able to conduct transactions safely and seamlessly.

Why businesses need offline mode

Process payments while offline

As mention above, retailers utilize POS offline system mode in order to avoid negative impacts of Internet access problems such as losing meaningful data and information. Then when connections are restored, transactions will be processed automatically. 

Access cash drawers while offline 

Some POS systems offer retailers offline cash drawers and other POS hardware such as Receipt printers, Barcode scanners, Barcode printers, etc. Thus, retailers can continue their businesses without internet connections.

Enhance customer experience

If retailers can not maintain their translation process without internet access, they may face a high risk of hurting customer experiences.

Offline POS machine

  • POS terminals: Usually refers to a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or even smartphone with a touchscreen interface. These machines will allow cashiers to complete transactions.
  • Customer screen: Showcase items and their information for customers along with information about discounts, taxes, and some loyalty programs.
  • Credit card reader: Support cashiers taking credit and debit cards.
  • Cash drawers: Support cashiers easily manage and keep track of the cash, usually in a shift or a day.
  • Receipt printer: Provide a record of transactions that support customers to expense or return items if it is not satisfactory.
  • Barcode scanner: scan for items information, besides, eliminate possible problems that may arise from mistyping.