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Get to know about Amazon preorder policy

Amazon preorder policy

Amazon is known for being the biggest online retail store of our time, with a huge selection of items to choose from, pre-order the hottest upcoming products, and delivery right to your door. While Amazon might be the go-to for your essentials, have you hesitated to buy an item before it was released due to questions about the Amazon preorder policy? Here’s a guide to tell you all you need to know before you place that pre-order.

What is Amazon Preorder Policy?

According to Amazon preorder policy, the customers are not charged instantly when they pre-order a product. Typically, the card on file is charged within a few days of the product’s release, or when it is out for shipping. 

One of the difficulties faced in pre-orders is that prices are prone to change. In other words, you may pre-order an item with a certain amount, however, when the product is released, its price may change. However, on Amazon, you can look for the label ‘pre-order price guarantee’.

How does Amazon preorder work?

If you want to pre-order an item that hasn’t been released on Amazon, you won’t be charged immediately, but the card on file will be charged a few days before the item is released, and usually when the item is delivered or a few days before its shipping, depending on the item.

The Amazon preorder process is almost exactly the same as regular ordering. In addition, you can be updated via email if anything changes – and in such cases, you’ll have the option to manage or cancel your order.

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Specific policies of Amazon preorder

Price guarantees

In its preorder policy, Amazon always guarantees the lowest price. In addition, pre-orders are always labeled “Pre-order Price Guarantee”, which means that the price will not change between your order and the release date. However, if you’ve pre-ordered and the price drops between the time you place your order and the item’s release, according to Amazon preorder policy, you’ll be refunded the difference.

If the product does not have a pre-order labeling notice, it will not be listed as part of the Amazon pre-order price guarantee. In this case, you will be refunded the price difference within 48 hours of shipment if you use a credit or debit card to pay for the item. In case you use another payment method, you must contact Amazon to get a refund to your Amazon account.

Shipping policies

Your Amazon preorder will depend on when you pre-ordered the item and your membership type (Prime or regular). If you’re an Amazon Prime member and ordered a week or more before release, the item will be shipped a few days before release. As for products leaving stock, shipments usually happen a few days before shipping.

Also, if you’re not a Prime member, your item will ship on the release date. Amazon often has a hard time getting your item shipped if it ships on the release date because Prime members get priority. However, if it can’t be delivered to you or isn’t delivered on time for you to receive it on the expected date, Amazon will issue a refund if you’ve already paid.

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The pre-order policy at Amazon will give you the opportunity to buy goods at the lowest prices and many other offers. With the ease of pre-ordering items on Amazon and no charge until the item is shipped, this is a great option. Contact us to help your business manage Amazon pre-orders.

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