Get started with basic concepts of quantum computing Huong Vu October 16, 2023

Get started with basic concepts of quantum computing

Get started with basic concepts of quantum computing

Uncertainty is considered impossible to accept when it comes to classic computing, but it is a great asset with quantum computing. For your information, quantum computers possess a natural capability of understanding the world and handling probability. They can deliver a range of answers to proceed with complex decisions.

Definition of quantum computing

Quantum computing has to do with solving data or number crunching with a large number of inputs. Its construction is for handling complex concerns that supposedly leave supercomputers a long time failing to solve. It is able to simulate the subatomic particles of the universe. How? Through speaking the language akin to a proton or the like. We are starting with the paradigm of quantum computing. Expectedly, it will considerably affect our understanding of physics, chemistry, and so on. 

Compared to the classical computer, it is not generally quicker. It carries out particular sorts of calculation more quickly. Each operation is likely not quicker. But the quantity of operations needed for reaching a result with specific algorithms is small at a rapid rate.

Basic concepts of quantum computing

Its essential characteristics are interference, entanglement, as well as superposition.


This is the capability of a quantum system of being in a range of states at the same time. A typical example of it is a coin’s flip that arrives at as tails or heads with consistency. But, in case being in mid-air is the status of the coin, it will be tails and heads. Moreover, until the coin lands, it is in the tailing and heading position simultaneously. The electron is present in quantum superposition prior to measurement.

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This means entangling objects together permanently to make them connected. In case a quantum device with 50 cubits includes an extra cubit in the quantum computer, it can investigate the 50-state power at the same time. The rise in power in addition to the cubit entanglement lets quantum computers handle problems well. Therefore, it can discover a solution more quickly using a reduced number of calculations.


This helps manage quantum states. It also helps raise the signals. Therefore, this results in the correct answer. Also, it moves out signals that are resulting in the incorrect answer.


As you can see, technology has been advancing so fast. Along with technological development, quantum computing is able to result in considerable development in a lot of fields. For example, it is good in materials science & chemistry. It is also helpful for machine learning as well as nuclear physics. Below are some of the most suitable applications:

  • Logistics & Supply chain 
  • Financial services
  • Energy
  • Biomimetics
  • Information security
  • AI (Artificial intelligence)
  • Engineering
  • Material science
  • Battery chemistry
  • Earth science & Climate change
  • Chemistry
  • Medicine
  • Super-catalyst construction
  • Machine learning
  • Photovoltaics

For example, when it comes to logistics, cloud quantum computing makes a calculation of the quickest route for every vehicle, considering many real-time information points regarding the congestion of traffic.

In conclusion, we hope that you know better about quantum computing after reading this post. For more information, reach us.

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