Fuel your forecourt with 5 best POS for gas station ConnectPOS Content Creator September 12, 2023

Fuel your forecourt with 5 best POS for gas station

POS for a gas station

Gas station point of sale (POS) systems refer to software that allows gas stations to process customer payments and integrate with gas station inventory. Gas stations have a specific business model and modus operandi, so a POS specifically designed for gas stations can streamline the checkout process for these stores. This article introduces the top 5 POS for a gas station that fuels your forecourt. 

Top 5 best POS for a gas station that fuels your Forecourt


ConnectPOS is a great POS for a gas station. This multi-purpose POS system can manage your pumping station, integrate with wet storage, and notify the remaining limit for timely filing. In addition, this system also works with convenience stores to integrate gas stations with delivery orders. You can fully experience this amazing system with a 14-day trial version.


NCR is a highly regarded POS for a gas station because it brings the right features into an efficient system. NCR has two products for gas stations: NCR Sitepoint and NCR RPOS. Sitepoint will help gas stations perform commercial fuel operations such as fuel management, POS pump integration, wet warehouse management, inventory, reporting, and employee management. Meanwhile, RPOS integrates convenience store operations with gas station touchpoints. It allows gas stations to accept orders at the pump and provide mobile ordering, payment services, etc. However, since this POS for gas requires custom pricing depending on the hardware and features you need, there is no fixed price.


Verifone would suit a travel stop with a gas pump, souvenirs, and food court, or multiple gas stations. This versatile POS system helps gas station owners not only manage fuel inventory but also manage self-service kiosks. Verifone lists several integration partners for loyalty management, fleet tags, tank level monitoring, and electric fuel signs. Like other forecourt POS systems, this one will customize to your needs, including self-service kiosks and controllers in addition to the over-the-counter POS system, so pricing will also be customized. 

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LS Retail

LS Retail is a POS system that helps gas stations manage fuel. It offers three gas station POS systems, LS Central, LS One, and LS First, along with business intelligence, payment processing, and other programs for different sizes of businesses. This POS system will make it easy for staff to manage pumps from approval to decommission and calculate inventory levels so you know what fuel needs reordering. You will need to contact LS Retail for pricing as the system offers three POS packages and each package will be priced according to the customer’s request.

Petrosoft SmartPOS

Petrosoft SmartPOS is a tailored solution for gas stations. This POS system will combine a gas and your store. It also provides various integrations for consignment solutions, self-service, food service, order management, and outbound analytics fuel pump management. It also installs processes to manage employee performance. SmartPOS software is sold in multiple versions, but you can try it with a trial version or as cheap as $15 for Scan Data.


Good POS systems will keep your gas station running well and deliver great business results. Contact us to get the best POS for a gas station.

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