Establish network security to mitigate data risks Lana D May 24, 2022
Establish network security to mitigate data risks

Companies these days are receiving more and more threats and start paying less attention to network security. The risks are significantly so serious, indeed. With an exponential number of channels, apps, and devices being used in the office, security breach vulnerability has increased more rapidly. So, how to establish network security to mitigate data risk? Follow this guide.

What is network security?

Network security involves keeping your data and network safe from threats such as breaches. This is an extensive term that demonstrates software and hardware solutions and procedures, configurations or guidelines about the accessibility and use of networks and general protection from threats.

Tips to establish network security to mitigate data risks

Carry out a network audit

It is impossible to tighten and enhance the security of your network if you are not aware of your weak points. So, to begin with, you should carry out a comprehensive network audit.

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Stop enabling file sharing

With file sharing, users who can access the same public network have all the right to reach your files. So, we suggest disabling file sharing on every staff device, with the exception of your independent servers.

Keep your anti-virus software updated

It is a great idea to keep your anti-virus software updated. In this way, the devices will surely run software with the latest updates on security and corrections to bugs.

Set up a WAF

WAF is an abbreviation for web application firewall. It is especially crucial that those who do not have a firewall put it high on their priority list. Work on firewall setups for the devices and set up a WAF as well. You particularly need to do this when you run an eCommerce business and store the confidential data relating to your shoppers. By setting up the WAF, you can keep every saved information easily.

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Use a VPN

VPN is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network. Its job is to encrypt the network to guarantee digital privacy for every user in that network. The VPN keeps hackers away from your browsing history, activities, and so on. Plus, when you use a public internet network, it will help secure your data and files.

Ensure your router security

It is crucial to ensure your router’s security. One of the causes of the security breach is just through pressing the reset button on the router. So, when the router of your network is in an open place in your workplace, think about changing its location to one with a higher level of security. For example, move it to a locked closet.

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Make a semi-regular update on router information

When you do that, it is a good idea to create a complex password that has 15 characters or more, a symbol, as well as a number. Moreover, set up a reminder for changing your network router information periodically.

In conclusion, the importance of your company’s network security is only increasing, not decreasing. So, you should establish network security to mitigate data risks. Call us for more information.

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