Don’t miss the retail potentials of UAE Lana D March 15, 2022
Don’t miss the retail potentials of UAE
UAE retail trends

Time does not wait for anybody. Adjustments to how you work, live, and purchase has been more considerable over the past months than ever seen in the past. For the UAE retail field, these adjustments have been substantial. The good news is that this post has specified 4 UAE retail trends for you to catch chances. 

Experience focus

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the globe to a temporary standstill. Along with that, buying behavior had to do with online experience for some time. Today, with the pent-up need, the United Arab Emirates’s sales in the retail industry boosted more than 12 percent to achieve over $55 billion as 2021 ended. On the one hand, the future for physical shops appears to be bright again. Yet, on the other hand, developers and owners of shopping centers do not want to just remain there but become proactive in increasing footfall and so on. They are finding approaches to increase their space use. 

For instance, Emaar Malls worked to finish an expansion project. This has added more than 20 new lifestyle and sports shops to its flagship location. 

Need of ‘liveability’ as leading UAE retail trends

The United Nations points out that internationally, 7 in 10 of the global population will stay in urban areas by 2050. This is up from 2% compared to 10 years ago. Because urban areas get more populated, we see a higher focus on improving living standards and quality by residents. These are what retail spaces are capable of delivering, being one of the potential UAE retail trends. 

For instance, Riyadh has been taking some city development initiatives like the arrangement of over 15 million sq m of its land north for more residential housing. This will need assistance from amazing retail environments. 

Digital impacts

Amid the tech-related advancements, how customers experience retail shopping becomes better. For instance, shoppers at Adidas can scan goods with a special application for extra information in real-time. Also, they can ask for various colors and sizes to be ready in-store. There are also interactive mirrors in the changing rooms. These work to figure out products as well as give information and choices of connecting with employees. 

UAE retail trends related to social center points

Following a long time of restrictions due to Covid-19, people are finding more human-related connections. Considering that, retail businesses may want to place socializing and stuff like that in a safe way at the center of the shopping experiences. This way will gain benefits over time. 

For example, LEGO aims to give spaces for buying and playing. It spared a quarter of the shopfloor merchandise to make more space for kids to play. Unlike old thinking, you do not have to compromise play with pay as for the shop layout. Indeed, this has led to an over 25% boost in sales in the first year. Many other retailers around the globe have been adopting it. 

In conclusion, we hope that considering the UAE retail trends helps you stay ahead of the game. Reach us for further information. 

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