ConnectPOS now offers 24/7 support! ConnectPOS Content Creator September 10, 2023

ConnectPOS now offers 24/7 support!

24/7 support!

As a thank-you to all valued customers who have trusted ConnectPOS throughout the journey, as well as an upgraded effort to deliver an even better customer experience, ConnectPOS now proudly announces its 24/7 support policy to all retailers. Following that, in case you need any help with the system, our dedicated Developer team is ready to assist you any day &  at any time.

How can you contact us

There are three ways that you can report a bug to us 24/7:

1. By submitting a ticket via

You can also find this link by navigating to the menu bar on the top of our website and clicking “Support”. When you submit your ticket, you can set the priority of your problem as Normal/ High or Urgent.

2. By directly sending an email to: [email protected]

3. By talking to our Solution Managers who have been in touch with you. They will summarize your problem and send it to our Developer team.

How long will we get back to you?

Tickets submitted within business hours (Indochina Time GMT +07) shall be replied to within 30 minutes.

Tickets submitted out of business hours (Indochina Time GMT +07) shall be replied to within 12 hours, except in case of urgency. In these cases of urgent priority, our team will try to reply to you as soon as possible.

Your problems shall be resolved within 3 working days. You will be notified when the problems have been completely resolved.

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With a vision of becoming the leading Multiplatform POS solution provider, we always put effort into creating and delivering the best customer service to our retailers, especially shown by our round-the-clock support. We believe that this fast and 24/7 support policy will make ConnectPOS a trustful partner of your business not only before the sale but also during and after the sale.

Best Regards, ConnectPOS team.

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