Christmas statistics: Mobile shopping could be Santa’s special helper this year Huong Vu October 7, 2023

Christmas statistics: Mobile shopping could be Santa’s special helper this year

Christmas statistics: Mobile shopping could be Santa's special helper this year

Christmas is coming and this is the golden time for business and shopping activities to take place. Especially, in the growing eCommerce market like this year, mobile shopping could be Santa’s special helper. Therefore, it is important that businesses capture the statistics about it in order to provide the right services. In this article, we would like to give some Christmas statistics about mobile shopping to support business activities of businesses.

Overview of Christmas statistics

Key dates for online Christmas shopping

Consumers’ mobile buying habits change every year. Therefore, e-retailers are always striving to provide services that improve the customer’s shopping experience. In particular, customers focus on on-time delivery. This makes it difficult to predict when mobile shoppers are most likely to convert. As a result, eCommerce businesses are tending to use pre-Christmas shopping occasions like Black Friday or Thanksgiving as the starting point for their Christmas statistics. This is when the traffic starts to increase rapidly and the number of orders has a significant change.

Distribution of the Christmas budget and types of gifts sought

Christmas statistics also need to pay attention to what items customers will use their budget to spend. It can be seen that the majority of mobile shoppers will buy products in fashion, accessories, cosmetics, and high-tech goods. In addition, consumers will go to the store to shop for Christmas. However, as the holiday approaches, they may forget some other items such as decorations, food, or household items. So they will tend to order online. 

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Expectations of online shoppers at Christmas

E-commerce is popular with mobile shoppers as it allows them to avoid crowds and store waits while also saving commuting time. For mobile shopping, consumers often expect on-time home delivery and quick consumer support services of businesses. Moreover, consumers also expect online businesses to sell multi-channel goods and accept many forms of pick-up so that they have convenience when buying and receiving goods.

Mobile shopping could be Santa’s special helper this year 

Mobile shopping could be Santa’s special helper this year because it brings both consumers and businesses great benefits. 

For eCommerce businesses, Christmas statistics about mobile shopping will help them easily promote and market their products and services during the upcoming holidays. Businesses can leverage their website for advertising, so they will save a significant amount of money. Moreover, mobile shopping is also a popular business form for users today, it is responsive and attracts users because most of today’s online shopping apps and tools are designed to be user-friendly. This helps businesses serve customers better, thereby retaining them longer and bringing more profits to them.

For consumers, as mentioned above, mobile shopping saves them time and effort. Besides, they will also get many benefits. As eCommerce platforms grow and attract consumers, businesses often offer extremely competitive promotions to attract customers to their businesses. Therefore, when shopping on mobile, consumers get cheaper prices for the products they want and come with the same incentives as buying in person.

Prepare your business for mobile shopping at Christmas

Your business needs to be well prepared to receive a large number of direct customers and a huge number of orders from mobile shoppers in the coming Christmas. Therefore, a tool that can support tasks such as accepting orders, assisting with payments, inventory management, and reporting is needed. ConnectPOS is a great POS solution that will help you to the fullest during the upcoming shopping holiday. ConnectPOS will be suitable for giving Christmas statistics to help businesses do business effectively as well.

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Witnessing the Christmas statistics on mobile shopping will prepare businesses for the upcoming business to reap high profits. If you are in need of a support tool during the upcoming festival, contact us.

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