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The checklist to be the best manager your mall has ever had

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A well-run mall with excellent business performance is not only due to large sales but also influenced by many other factors. While the staff only need to have good customer handling skills, the director only needs to communicate well with suppliers and partners. The mall manager is the central person to handle and manage the problems. activities between stakeholders. In this article, we provide the checklist for mall management.

What is a mall manager?

A mall manager is a person who holds power and coordinates activities in large commercial establishments. A mall manager is an intermediary, responsible for both internal and external relations: externally with customers and internally with their employees.

What does mall management include?

The mall manager, as the name suggests, performs the mall management. Their jobs include directing employees, collecting fees, handling complaints, overseeing maintenance, preparing financial reports, updating records, negotiating contracts, and approving marketing campaigns.

The checklist for the best mall management

To do a good job of mall management, a manager should have the following skills and requirements. 

Firstly, a good manager should have customer service skills. Customer service is the process of providing support to all existing and potential customers – answering questions, fixing problems, and providing excellent service. The main goal of customer service is to build lasting relationships with customers so that they keep coming back for more business. This mall management skill requires the manager to hold meetings with potential clients or businesses, maintain up-to-date market knowledge, and ensure that excellent customer service is delivered every time. In addition, they must train and supervise employees on skills and attitudes when dealing with customers.

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Another essential element of a good manager is inventory control skills. Mall management job in an inventory control mall requires the manager to plan, create a detailed system and process to control inventory in order to reduce losses. Managers must both discuss and work with employees working in the warehouse to grasp the specific situation and report to their superiors on specific data and situations. To get supported with mall management, managers can turn to ConnectPOS, which is a great solution for inventory management.

A mall manager also needs to be skilled in loss prevention. In addition to tracking and monitoring business and warehouse operations to minimize loss, leaders also need to implement the company’s loss prevention policies, maintain security systems, control internal and external theft prevention. If the loss behavior has occurred, the manager must have the skills to investigate, coordinate with related parties, and give reasonable sanctions.

The mall is where the retail activities take place, so the mall manager must have retail sales skills. The leader needs to provide retail sales, stocking, cleaning and all other things needed for the operation of the mall. In addition, they need to increase retail sales by implementing a property marketing plan. Managers should implement membership incentive programs and manage retail and marketing, including inventory tracking and replenishment. From there, they help the mall achieve excellent results in retail.

Having product knowledge is also a requirement for mall managers. Managers will have to organize and facilitate detailed product knowledge meetings, ensuring that employees are trained to fulfill their job responsibilities. Managers also need to lead sales and business development initiatives by maintaining product knowledge, understanding the sales cycle, and leveraging company differentiation. They should also train and inspire employees on product knowledge and develop a more personalized relationship between the company and individual customers.   

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A good manager will perform the job of mall management in a thorough manner. Each shopping center needs to recruit a manager with sufficient knowledge and skills to be suitable for the job of managing and helping the business of the mall.Contact us to assist with your mall management.

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