Changing the food delivery service with contactless solution ConnectPOS Content Creator October 15, 2022

Changing the food delivery service with contactless solution

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Changing the food delivery service with the contactless solution. Why not? As the world has had a hard time with COVID-19, dining places have changed to overcome difficulties and stay in business. At the same time, these work to satisfy customers. One of the prominent changes is contactless food delivery. Indeed, even after COVID-19, dining businesses may stay loyal to this delivery approach for revenue increase and customer satisfaction.

What is contactless food delivery?

Contactless food delivery has emerged as a transformative approach to ensuring the safe and hygienic transfer of goods from distribution points to the end consumer. This method hinges on maintaining a complete absence of physical contact throughout the entire supply chain, encompassing customers, delivery personnel, warehouse staff, and store employees. With the increasing emphasis on safety and hygiene, this approach has gained widespread acceptance, offering peace of mind to consumers while allowing businesses to adapt to evolving circumstances. Contactless food delivery not only addresses health concerns but also underscores the importance of convenience, trust, and the seamless flow of goods in today’s fast-paced world.

Tips to changing the services with contactless food delivery

Provide consumers with a way to inform that they want contact-free delivery

To enhance your customer experience and adapt to evolving preferences, we strongly recommend integrating a contactless food shipping option into your application. This feature not only provides a convenient platform for customers to engage with your services but also empowers them with choices in terms of ordering, payment, and meal delivery. It aligns with the growing demand for contactless and convenient solutions, making it easier for customers to select their preferred method of interacting with your business. Whether they opt for online ordering, secure payment, or contactless delivery, this versatile feature offers a seamless and tailored experience that caters to a diverse range of customer preferences, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Move to mobile payments for the best contactless food delivery

You should reduce receiving cash as a paying method to prevent physical interactions. Because customers are afraid of contamination, options such as mobile payments have become their favorite. For instance, China has stood out in implementing this approach. More than 45% of mobile users rely on digital and mobile wallets for their transactions. 

With the popularity of leveraging mobile paying options, ConnectPOS has provided an impressive feature for this gateway support. It smoothly accepts many payment methods, for example, layaways, cards, and so on. 

Disinfect every food delivery packaging

Because COVID-19 does not seem to stop soon, your first priority needs to be your customer and employees’ safety. So, make sure to disinfect your point of sale terminals and surfaces. Also, seal the purchase orders in sanitized packaging. Moreover, think about adding a sticker or something like that. The sticker thanks your guests for their endless support and lets them know that you have used enough precautions related to safety with every purchase. 

Use social media to boost contactless food delivery

Promote this service via social media. For example, rely on your social media channels to inform your consumers that you have used the contactless delivery approach. It is a good way of letting them know about your dining business’ safety. For instance, Yum China is successful in doing so. It has run thousands of KFC and other dining businesses in the globe’s second-largest economy. It has relied on concise videos to let customers know how safe their contactless delivery is on Weibo and other social media channels. In conclusion, because COVID-19 keeps disrupting the food sector, you should take some actions to adapt to the situation and grow your restaurant. One of them should be contactless food delivery. In case you still want to know more about this option and mobile payment, please feel free to contact us now for the best support and solution.

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