connectpos pos magento shopify black friday

Get ready for Black Friday – the biggest sales of the year!

This Black Friday, ConnectPOS offers all the retailers a discount coupon 30% for ALL plans. Hurry up and grab this deal to get yourself one of the best multiplatform Point of Sales software for Omnichannel retailers. WHEN:  25 November – 6 December. WHO: All brands or retailers who get a free trial or book a demo…

9 tips to optimize ecommerce websites

9 tips to optimize your eCommerce websites

Modern customers today won’t waste their time shopping on Ecommerce sites which seem difficult, inconvenient or unsafe. So it’s important to keep your website optimized and reliable to provide the safest and most convenient shopping experience for your customers. Check out the following 9 tips to optimize your Ecommerce websites. Source: Steadfast

21 retail trends 2019 part 2

21 retail trends to watch out for in 2019 (part 2)

Before we continue, make sure you have checked the Part 1 to get the first 11 retail trends predicted to shape 2019 industry. At Part 1, we went through the necessary and transitory trends which all have high industry adoption. Let’s continue with experimental and threatening trends. Experimental trends Although spurring the media interest and proof-of-concepts,…

21 retail trends 2019

21 retail trends to watch out for in 2019 (part 1)

2019 has already knocked our front door. Now it’s time to put on the prognosticator head and forecast the retail trends that will shape the industry in the brand new year. There are a lot of articles talking about the retail trends 2019, but this one is different. By using  the NExTT framework by CB…

ConnectPOS with Omise

ConnectPOS partners with Omise for a seamless payment experience

ConnectPOS is a major player on providing Omnichannel POS solution for Magento-based retailers all over the world. With ConnectPOS, shop owners can create orders and accept payments quickly at their physical stores, while at the same time have all the data synchronized fully and immediately to their Magento website. Rebuilt and developed from the prior…

omnichannel experience platforms and solutions

Omnichannel experience definition – Best platform and solutions

What is Omnichannel experience? Omnichannel experience is build from multiple touchpoints of customers at multiple channels, which are considered as marketing assets, ecommerce websites, and physical stores. These touchpoints contribute to the behaviors of purchasing from customers, in order to bring convenience and more value to customers. Omnichannel experience is managed and stored in database…

online retail trends 2019

Online Retail trends: 22 ecommerce predictions for 2019

Online retail is continuing to grow during the recent years as the result of incredible breakouts of modern technology. The evolutions of mobile devices, social networks, ecommerce platforms, etc. bring both advantages and challenges to retailers, who need to prepare carefully to adapt with changes and take the leads in the competitions. When the 2018…

Top 7 Magento CRM

7 Magento CRM solutions for online retail – 2019 new updates

Magento CRM systems help merchants to enhance customer engagement.     In the age of E-Commerce and Omnichannel retail, merchants always focus on improving customer experience in both brick-and-mortar stores and Magento stores, which is considered as a competitive advantage. The mission requires coherence of store designs, advertising assets, websites, social networks with friendly interactions such…

Is it worth to update Magento to the latest version?

Is it worth to update Magento to the latest version?

Important Security Updates There are more than 350k live web stores running on Magento. A huge mass of sensitive customer data is stored, such as emails, passwords, shipping and billing addresses, credit card details, etc. Those that are fond of other people’s money are struggling to find a gap in Magento’s security. They are running…