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Streamline your Cannabis POS business & watch revenue blossom

Future-proof technology

Stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge cannabis tech, including API Integration and a Microservice structure for adaptable customization to meet market demands

Smart dispensary

Optimize efficiency and scalability with specialized tools, instant data insights, and automated workflows tailored to your Cannabis business, ensuring seamless operations

Streamlined serving

Access personalized assistance from our knowledgeable support team in your chosen language, simplifying the setup and management of your POS system

From seed to sale success:
Feature-packed POS for your dispensary

Unified dispensary operation

One budding network

Consolidate and synchronize seed-to-sale tracking and reporting, inventory, and performance data across all your cannabis dispensary outlets, offering thorough and actionable business analytics

Effortless online expansion

Seamlessly connect with e-commerce platforms, enriched by age verification, product classification, and compliance management integrations, facilitating business expansion and increased sales capture.

Traceable order processing

Expedite CBD order fulfillment with globally recognized fulfillment procedures, alongside inventive solutions such as Click-and-Collect services to broaden your business's outreach.

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Cannabis retail essentials

Compliance and security

Built-in age verification and robust security measures ensure legal compliance and protect business and customer data.

Thorough product categorization

Efficiently categorize cannabis products type, potency, flavor, size, and usage to simplify customer navigation and ensure accurate product representation.

Diverse payment options

Accommodate various payment methods including cash, cards, split tenders, and integrated gateways, providing convenience and flexibility for customers during the payment process.

Faster budtender service

Personalized interactions

Tailor customer experiences with Cannabis POS, providing personalized interactions and exclusive product recommendations for enhanced satisfaction.

Effortless self-checkout

Enable stress-free self-checkout, reducing wait times and enhancing efficiency for a smoother shopping experience

Seamless technological integration

Integrate technology seamlessly to streamline shopping, improve customer satisfaction, and elevate the overall retail experience

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Unleash the potential of your Cannabis business with flexible POS integrations

ConnectPOS effortlessly integrates with specialized cannabis distributors, payment processors, accounting software, CRM platforms, marketing automation tools, and hardware systems. This empowers cannabis retailers to expand their operations seamlessly, whether online or in-store.

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Tailored Cannabis POS solution for your business

ConnectPOS provides specialized POS solutions for cannabis businesses, focusing on compliance assurance, custom product management, integrated loyalty schemes, in-depth sales and stock insights, and efficient age verification. Choose ConnectPOS for solutions that evolve with your cannabis business.


Perfect solution for our customers


ConnectPOS helps Global Vapor collect in-depth insights from customers’ purchase history and shopping trends with customer profiling features


ConnectPOS helps Dampfi's capture omnichannel customer loyalty with multi-warehouse inventory management

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Smoke Arsenal finds a customizable, scalable omnichannel solution in ConnectPOS when migrating to BigCommerce.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Cannabis Retail POS system is specialized software designed for legal cannabis sales in dispensaries. It tracks and manages sales, often integrating with inventory systems, meeting industry regulations

States mandate specific compliance needs. Use accredited providers like METRC for tracking. B2B distribution may require seed-to-sale tracking, and medical sales need HIPAA-compliant POS.

We provide ID scanning, purchase limit monitoring, product equivalency calculation, tax application, discounts, offline mode, fast processing, inventory management, and integration with partner solutions.

States require uniform labeling for cannabis products, including THC content and dosage. Other requirements may include net weight, strain name, and warning statements.

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